Hero Suggestion: Torque the cyborg

I have one question and one question only…EXPLOSIONS??

this guy will be all about explosions. his guns will shoot explosions. his abilities will be explosions.

Bronze: Rocket Punch - punches the enemy with a rocket and has a chance to stun or
Silver: Cluster bomb - shoots a bomb that explodes and then explodes into smaller bombs for a fraction of the main damage.
Gold: explosions cause additional fire damage
Plat: Termination - before this hero is killed in battle, he detonates the nuclear core in his system doing big damage to the enemy team. (Due to heroes like Flatline and The other guy who can revive heroes, this ability is a one time deal)


mannnn, why couldn’t they do this for galante :frowning:

For one, Infrared Eye would mean that Galante would have a head, so it loses the uniqueness of Galante, which is however you shoot, you won’t get a headshot

hes got a head. and a weak spot. infrared is to see invisible enemies.

now that I’m taking a good look at it again, that gold seems way underpowered. we’ve all been trained to see invisible enemies, as we’ve been forced to deal with Mandrake’s “get outta jail” gold effect on his allies.

everything else, i likey

BTW, abilities got to have some sort of variable to upgrade. Your gold can’t be upgraded.

Changed it a bit. thinking of a passive, idk. Maybe have it like Anvil which adds additional damage to explosive shots with each upgrade does more damage

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