New hero concept forger mechanary robotic god


After the zero day, forger plans to recall his ancentors to became his servant. In then forger plans to rise as a mechanary faction god.


Bronze ability- iron axe

Forger release his weapon called iron axe then throws a stronget enemy hero. It deals to the mechanary faction heroes for 47499 damage.

Silver ability - nuclear recall

Forger calls MK2 for the massive nuclear attack for your battlefield then generates their own bronze and silver ability for mechanary faction heroes and deals extra 5.7% Critical damage.

Gold ability - mechanical war

(Iron axe) and (nuclear recall) is now dealing 63939 extra damage and additional 9.4% critical damage per game or battle.

Platinum ability - impediment scorn

This factional god will now dealing 8.4% critical damage

Ruby ability - ancient scorns

This factional god will now dealing 56800 damage

Diamond ability - bulletproof robots

Every start of the battle, Forger and and his faction mechanary is now generates a 63833 shield damage.

Why u always post every new heroes?

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Yes because i make hero fanmades

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