New Hero Concept: Gel - Slime girl

Element: Biochem
Faction: Bandits
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skill 3/5

Helper - Healer - Light Support - “Double Edged” Skill

  • An overactive little girl always smiling with a weakness for slime and science.
  • With her mother a doctor and father a biological scientist, she experiments every day with new slime recipes with the most varied effects.
  • Her goal? replace every unnecessarily expensive medicine with her slime and, who knows, even cheat death.

Brone: Snack Time - throw a slime to an ally or an enemy, blocking them inside a cube and preventing them from any movement.
The slime ally will wear out over time, curing X health every second, while the enemy will only be blocked.

  • In both cases, the slime cube will reduce the speed of incoming bullets reducing the damage by up to 20%

Silver: Gummy Architect - launches jelly beads into the allies’ positions.
The gelatin will stick to the covers increasing their resistance to damage and repairing them slowly over time.

  • the gelatin prevents armor-piercing projectiles from penetrating the cover and explosive projectiles from propagating.

Gold: Solidifying Compound - gelatin now solidifies if not damaged for 2sec. increasing the effectiveness of [Snak Time] and [Gummy Architect] by 100%.

  • By solidifying, the gelatin loses some properties such as heal per second, resistance against armor-piercing bullets and explosives.

Platinum: Pudding Buddy - when the hero uses a skill on an ally, he will receive a [Pudding Buddy] charge.
Upon the death of the ally, a jelly clone will be created that will have X health and will cause X damage for every [Pudding Buddy] charge the ally had before he died.

  • up to 10 charges can be accumulated.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a dark girl of very low complexion, thin, black hair with pigtails, green eyes and many lentigines.
She wears a white T-shirt with color stains, a half overalls with color stains and bleached, sneakers and a pair of medium black frame glasses.

Her Weapon: “Jelly Loaded Rifle
is an old semi-automatic rifle with 3-shot burst.
modified with a jelly container, laser sight and a lot of cables that do not know where they lead.

Class: Rifle
Shooting rate : 8.39
ammunition capacity : 24
recharge time : 1sec
damage : Low


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