New hero concept : Fridge

This concept was a friend of mines idea and he can’t post stuff because he doesn’t have an account so I did it for him

The only thing I have contributed to this post was making the skills balanced, my friends name on hero hunters is SAVAGE MELLOW


5 star hero

Hp 7/10

Armor 6/10

Damage 4/10

Skills 9/10


Fridge his specialty is to put enemies under constant pressure and making them choose difficult decisions. He makes opponents suffer from negative effects or suffer by the consequences of ending the effects early. And makes choosing decisions while fighting more important than ever and allows for smart play.

He is a large muscular guy with a very icy look :wink:

Bronze- Molten Ice : The targeted opponent will be completely covered in ice dealing a very small amount of damage, gaining -Molten Ice. The ice will have a decent large amount of health and for every percent hp the ice loses the target will receive 0,25% more damage. They will be unable to shoot, move or reload for 5 seconds (increases with 1 every 10 levels) The ice can be broken by the opponents allies shooting at it. When its broken the targeted opponent is free from the effect.

Silver- Ice Breaker : Deals a mediocre amount of damage and covers the enemy in ice gaining a charge of- Ice Breaker. That lasts until the ice is destroyed, every charge will improve damage on that opponent by 15 percent that lasts until the ice is broken. Every charge gives the ice a medium amount of hp which can stack up to 3 times, whenever allies destroy the ice 50% of the damage this hero dealt will be distributed amongst allies. -Molten ice can be applied on the same hero but will not count as a charge.

Gold- Brain Freeze : Causes enemies affected by - Molten Ice and - Ice Breaker to apply silencing.

Platinum- Ice Therapy : Whenever an ally reaches critical health, they will be completely frozen in ice. The ice has a large amount of hp and makes the ally unable to do anything, but gains invulnerability for 10 seconds and heals a decent amount of hp per second. If the ice is broken by an enemy all opponents will receive a stagger and a decent amount of damage. If the ice is broken by an ally the healing and invulnerability will stop and the ally will be free early. This can only be triggered 2 times in a match and has a 1 minute recharge

Vector 9mm : His gun has a total of 36 rounds and deals a mediocre amount of damage at a fire rate of 12 rounds per second, reloads in 2.4 seconds

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Who is savage mellow? :face_with_monocle:

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Hé is just savage mellow, a friend of mine

You use the word mediocre several times. So is he a fridge or a freezer? Is he a masked wrestler?

When it comes to “suffer from negative effects”, you have ice, silenced. The other moves to me don’t make sense. Your ally gets frozen over to recover health. But they can’t attack or move.

If they suffer from negative effects and “pressure for difficult decisions” shouldn’t the moves/passive reflect on that?

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did your friend make an original drawing or did he get it from someone else?


I have never seen Savage Mellow before…is he in the game?


As I said the art aint mine, this is his concept but I’m only here to post it and make the abilities reasonable, I didn’t know it was from the internet

Yes, his account is what the post said

He said he drawn it himself but I suppose he took it from the internet

Soon I’m going to start to make my own concept, with own art if I succeed, and he might be featured but not gonna take stuff from internet

holy 4 posts in a row batman!

but you said it was made by your friend. but it wasnt. its fine to say you got the image from someone else, but to claim it as your own hurts the artist.

aside from this, id like to focus on the moves and abilities. are they fire based or ice based? and then i go back to my previous question of saying he takes advantage of negative effects, but doesnt do much

as I mentioned, I didn’t know he got it from the internet, no big deal? And for your question,its ice based