New Hero Concept: General Blackhood - Latest U.S. Commando

Element: Mech
Faction: UAF Naval Forces
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

UAF Supreme General - Support - DPS - Difficult Choice

  • General Howard P. Blackhood is the high command as well as the current president of the USA.
  • Thanks to his high rank, he is able to use the maximum arsenal in the army’s possession…even a nuclear warhead.
  • He reserves no mercy for anyone

Bronze: President at Command - exerts his pressure by reducing X the armor, maximum health and damage of the enemy team.
At the same time he spurs the allied team increase by the same amount Armor, Maximum Health and Damage.

  • Enemies above 30% health, will suffer X damage for 10sec.
  • Allies below 30% health, will recover X health for 10sec.

Silver: Last Beach - detonates a nuclear warhead that will explode with a delay of 10sec, eliminating both teams but ensuring victory.

  • [Last Beach] requires 1 solid minute to charge and skills that accelerate charging do not work.
  • Once the detonation countdown begins, it cannot be stopped.

Gold: Death Angel - throughout the game, a gunship will fly over the battlefield randomly attacking enemies every 10sec.

  • The gunship cannot be destroyed, but you can send it away by eliminating the hero.
  • [Death Angel] can only activate on open maps.

Platinum: Checkmate To The King - as long as the hero is alive, all allies will have X extra health.
The bullets from the first magazine at the beginning of each round will cause 100% critical damage.
When the hero dies, all remaining allies’ statistics will receive a 50% boost.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a very old man, a mixture of Dogface and Wesson.
He is tall, thin but athletic, has a beard and white hair, well groomed and short and a thick mustache.
He wears a dark olive green general uniform decorated with many medals and ribbons, a jacket on the shoulders night black with dark burgundy borders and gold embroidery.
A decorative sword and revolver on the sides

His Weapon: Assault MG “the Governor”.
Is a modern machine gun with double drum magazine and a long telescopic sight.
It has a very high rate of fire, a lot of ammunition, a good accuracy and a fast reload; it lacks a bit in the normal and elemental damage.

Class: LMG
Shooting Rate: 16.3
Ammunition Capacity: 120
Recharge Time: 1.5sec
Damage: Low

Rare Skin: Mr. President
is younger than the basic appearance, the skin has a lighter complexion, beard and black hair.
He wears presidential visas, dark blue jacket and pants, black shoes, white shirt and red tie.
This version reflects when he was younger, in his early years as president.


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