New Hero Concept: Slander - Smoke Intoxicator

Element: Energy
Faction: Bandits
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skill 4/5

Cough Cough Coug…
*extreme inhalation
Cough Cough…

Heavy Hitter - Walking Fumarole - Murderer - hide-and-seek in smoke - Primary Glass Cannon
Former soldier specializing in quick and deadly attacks.
his best friend is smoke and he uses it both to ambush and to ensure an easy escape.

Bronze: Smoke Field - throw several smoke grenades into the field generating a thick smoke that will prevent both enemies and allies from seeing each other and significantly reduce their accuracy.

  • Only the hero is not affected by the smoke.
  • the smoke screen persists for 12sec.

Silver: 50. - momentarily changes the weapon with a sniper rifle firing a powerful high-caliber bullet, but suffers recoil damage.

  • the bullet passes through shields and covers without any problem, but the damage will be halved.
  • If a marked target is eliminated, [50.] reloads at 100%.

Gold: Infrared Scope - the weapon’s scope detects enemy weaknesses by marking them with red circles.
In areas of the body covered by red circles, the damage is tripled.

  • If [Smoke Field] is active, enemies will be marked in red and the probability of critical hit is increased by 75%.
  • [Infrared Scope] needs to reload 8sec between shots

Platinum: Good View - when the hero points at an enemy while [smoke field] is active, he will be marked in red allowing the allies to see him.

  • The mark persists as long as the hero holds him at gunpoint.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a man in his 40s.
He wears an all-black infiltration suit, a gas mask and a combat set with several grenades, he also has a multi-purpose belt.



His Weapons:
Primary weapon - the S3SRR is a silenced machine gun, has a fairly high rate and a fast reload but damage and accuracy are low.

shooting rate : 8.15
ammunition capacity : 30
recharge time : 1.1 sec
damage : Low

Secondary weapon - the 50. BMG is a very powerful and accurate sniper rifle but it has only 1 bullets and skill reload times are very long.

ammunition capacity : 1
recharge skill time : 15 sec
damage : High

Other Notes

[Smoke Field] is very fast to reload, you can stay in the smoke all the time in a few words
The red circles of [Infrared Viewfinder] may appear in several places on the body, but only one at a time

the sniper rifle and the intro I drew them, I always said if I don’t have a drawing ready I’ll google it somewhere.

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