New Hero Concept: Goliath - a minion size war machine

Mechanical Hero
Faction: Mercenary

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

He’s very sensitive about his height.
Controller-support, he can fire about an infinity of bullets thanks to his bronze skill while protecting himself with a shield that enhances the damage as it gets damaged.

Bronze: Belt-Loader - for 10 seconds it increases the capacity of the ammunition and the rate of fire

Silver: Can Opener - generates a shield that, with each percentage destroyed, increases weapon damage

Gold: Infinite Fire - whenever the hero kills an enemy, he automatically reloads the weapon

  • if Belt Loader is active, it increases the duration of the skill

Platinum: Dwarf Fury - each time he suffers a malus, he gains extra health and activates Provocation for 5 seconds

Appearance: he is a very short and thin man, but surprisingly strong.
He wears a combat suit with desert camouflage (sand-brown-orange) with a hood and a mask that protects the face.
is armed with a minigun (average rate of fire, slow recharge, low damage)

Note: Belt Loader increases the rate of fire up to a cross between the laser of Yeager and the bronze skill of Steele.
Can Opener does not absorb much damage and requires a lot of time to recharge.
His main objective is to survive and annoy as much as possible and must be protected because he does not have much health, the damage is very low (like Savage), and the skills take a long time to fully load

For the rest, thanks to Alberolm33, to the HH and happy Easter

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