New Hero Concept: Flak - 15% power, 35% weight and 50% beauty

Mechanical Hero
Faction: Mercenary

Hp 4/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

He is very susceptible to his weight
His goal is to give suppression fire to help his allies in difficulty

Bronze: 88. Anti-Aircraft - charge the main weapon with powerful explosive bullets that cause area damage until the next recharge.

  • enemies outside the cover take double damage

Silver: Suppression fire - Shoot all enemies, each bullet has a 1% chance of interfering with enemies

  • If 88. anti-aircraft is active, the probability of interference increases by 10%.

Gold: Shrapnel - When 88. anti-aircraft is active, each projectile has a 50% chance of releasing splinters if the target is missed

Platinum: Concentrated Fire - gets a charge of “concentrated fire” for each fallen enemy.

  • Each charge increases primary weapon damage by 10% up to 10 charges.
  • If an enemy resurrects, he loses a charge.

Appearance: He’s a very big, tall, and very strong man.
He’s bald, he’s got a dark beard and a big X-shaped scar on his bellybutton.
Wears heavy armor (similar to Savage but with several protected parts), green camouflage pants, black boots and a pair of black glasses.

(like him, but bald)

He is armed with a miniature automatic anti-aircraft gun (average rate of fire, slow reload, low damage)

(OK I’m not a great artist, but at least you get the idea about his weapon)

A bit of Backstory:
Believe it or not, but Flak and Goliath are twin brothers.
They were born on the same day, maybe an hour apart.
they both grew up on the uncles’ farm together with their cousins (they never met their parents), Flak helped at home because (unlike now) he was very small and he got hurt easily, while his brother helped on the farm.
They were inseparable, where one went and the other went.
Around the age of 18 they were sent to the military together with their cousins.
Roger (Goliath) was suitable and was sent immediately to training, while Frank (Flak), who was very thin, was sent to a special training camp where they did various experiments to physically empower people like him.
They were separated until the beginning of the war (about 8 years) and by pure chance they happened together on the same mission.
at first they didn’t recognize each other, but when the mission was completed they got together (they were in two separate teams) and were surprised by each other, Frank who always saw Roger as the strongest brother, older and a model to follow, you find a dwarf two apples tall or a little more (it’s a quote, guess who, I give him a biscuit) very angry.
From that day on, they didn’t separate anymore, they deserted together from the military and decided to “live” on their own, offering their services to the highest bidder.
On the personal side Flak is a calm guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak or stupid, on the contrary, and very intelligent.
When he’s not out blowing things up, he enjoys letting the other factions freak out with his hacker attacks.
His favorite phrase is “I’m not fat, I only have big bones”.

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