New Hero Concept: Jester the fool

This fool is not to be taken so lightly

Weapons: finger guns (hands are that of a weapon, just point and shoot…literally).


  • Bronze: Sticky Present (throw 3 sticky present bombs at random enemies. explodes to do damage. has a 3% chance to give health back instead)
  • Silver: 52 Pick-up (similar to Artemis, throws several cards to the enemy at random
  • Gold: No Hiding (does extra damage to shielded heroes)
  • Plat: Critical healing (when the hero deals a critical, heals himself. also has a chance to give health to the hero with the lowest remaining health for a fraction of what he healed)
  • Ruby: insert mech hero ability here

as far as design goes, kinda want him to be a mixture of a court jester from medieval times as well as the military combat gear as seen in game.

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