New hero concept: jiu gue the drunken master

I know drunken master concept has been done in other games but I noticed this game rarely gives the opportunity to handicap yourself in exchange for damage outside of … damaging yourself, which feels boring. So jiu uses whatever weapon (shotgun might be befitting like a bartender or something) and has bronze/silver skills offering himself bonuses in exchange for more interesting downside than just damaging yourself.

Bronze: Cocktail, he disorients himself to increase attack damage by 5% for 15 seconds
Silver: strong beer, he has 7% miss chance but gains 5% evasion chance and recovers health for 7 seconds
Gold: Sobering up, for each 20% of health he loses his cool downs are reduced by 30%
Platinum: drunken master, whenever he takes a drink he shields all allies for a certain amount