Kurtz dominate skill inquiry

Hey I remember when they nerfed kurtz’ dominate skill from 30 sec to 25 sec, it was in the patch notes a couple months ago. But I didn’t see when they lowered it another 5 sec, or 20% this time which is up from the 16.7% one i recall. I was trying to look in the recent patch notes and don’t see it. Does anyone remember when this happened and knows what months patch notes I need to look at to find this?

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I think these are the patch notes you’re looking for? July 2019 Update Notes

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thanks, but that’s the first time they lowered it. i’m talking about when they reduced it again after that from 25 to 20 seconds. when kurtz was released it was 30 sec, and then that patch reduced it to 25 seconds. but then it was reduced to 20 seconds again and it was never mentioned in the patch notes

I wasn’t aware that it was lowered, but it looks like it’s 20 seconds now. You’re right. Sorry for the lack of communication!

Why was it lowered further?

Looking back into the changelogs for him it was done in July and went directly from 30s to 20s, the patch notes look like they were incorrect. sorry for the confusion.