New hero concept kar'un: KLG lawgiver god


Kar’un is the most beloved and overated factional gods in all time. Before he predicted the doomsday of the Americas, kar’un plans to be the friend of Kurtz and his fellow members from KLG lawgivers then he dispute the all KLG types of all he did in his life. In then he also predicted the doomsday of the Americas before the rise of KLG kingdom.

Bronze ability - the Respawnable

Kar’un will call commander for the KLG backup(spawns into 5 backups), then the KLG lawgivers faction will gave extra 11% critical chance and extra 24,577 damage per game.

Silver ability - Helios airstrike

Kar’un can now call Kurtz for the incoming helios airstrike attack (spawns into 2 Helios jets), then the KLG lawgivers faction will gave extra 19,274 shield damage.

Gold ability - counter strike

(The Respawnable) can now spawns up to 15 forces.

Platinum ability - astrombatics

(Helios airstrike) can now deploys 1 Helios jet.

Ruby ability - invincible fire

His damage and KLG lawgivers faction will now gave 45,236 damage and 20,189 shield damage.

Diamond ability - suppressive attack

KLG lawgivers faction will now gave morn than 14% critical chance.

Tip for the Future:
When you want to share a concept, you have to spend more time on it to make it as complete as possible.
Add more details without exaggerating, correct mistakes, add some images you made yourself whether they are artwork or not doesn’t matter, you make it feel more your own or if you take them from the internet put the source link from where you got it.
Some music is also worth a lot it can act as either a theme or how the reader would approach the character
Don’t upload too many things at a time, give 2-3 days between posts, also because it helps you think better about the next one.

What you are doing now is nice, and I think I understand you are trying to create some sort of super champions for each faction, like Magnus and Valkyrie I guess.
And please describe these diamond abilities, they sound interesting.


It’s breaking me and mellows brains, mellows grammar area is imploding.

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That’s not a good hero concept really think it’s going to far


It is a bit disorganized, Loosely put together, and hard to understand. Although the idea of having some kinda god for each faction is cool, I have even though of it myself, i feel like it should be a bit different than an actual god kinda thing.

For instance, Kurtz is the leader of the KLG faction, all you need is him, not a “KLG god”

Magnus makes a good Shoremen leader, from his lord going into him uniting the shoremen and taking control, while also being a man of myths and legends. Even valkarie is a god in some sense, but she isn’t a “god of a faction.”

Imo I believe that each faction deserves a certain leader, god or not, however some like the Morlocks and Merc’s don’t need any.

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