New Hero Concept: Medusa - Rock Witch

Element: Biochem
Faction: SAR112
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

Everything gets harder when you can’t shoot the target.

Support - Controller - First Mutant - DOT
A diabolical woman, the heavy doses of radiation absorbed after Zero Day gave her a terrible mutant power.
Never look her straight in the eye

Bronze: Petrifying Look - bewitches all enemies by forcing them to look at it, only to turn them all to stone.
Petrified enemies cannot move, shoot or go undercover for 30 sec.

  • The hero and allies have a 50% chance of cancelling the petrification and a 1% chance of destroying the statue by eliminating the hero and preventing its resurrection.

Silver: Poisonous Servants - releases many small snakes that bite and poison all enemies causing slight elemental damage over time and will slow their movements for 2sec.

  • The poison persists for 5sec, but each bite prolongs its duration by 1sec.

Gold: Witch - speeds up skill reloading times when she is under attack or when the team is outnumbered.
If an ally dies while the skills reload, their next use will have greater damage and duration.

Platinum: Cursed Eyes - petrifies all enemies that have been targeting the hero for more than 2sec.
The enemies will remain petrified until the hero returns undercover, stunned or hindered.

Appearance: She is a devastated woman.
Very tall, very thin, she has dark brown hair with braids that look almost like snakes.
Her skin is pale olive, has black eyes with bright yellow pupils and has a very dark and shiny burgundy lipstick.
All her finger tips are completally black.
She wears a black tunic with gold embroidery, a light armor full of spits and is covered with voodoo ornaments

Her Weapon: the “Black Death” is a very peculiar gun, it has the shape of a snake.
The gun itself is very powerful and has exceptional precision, but the amount of ammunition and the reloading speed are very slow.

shooting rate : 3.50
ammunition capacity : 1
recharge time : 2.1 sec
damage : High

Other Notes

the bronze skill is a mix between Kurtz and Alvarez.

the “petrification” effect is a mix between blockage and stun, the substantial difference is that it lasts for much longer and each bullet that hits the statue can free the target from its petrification or directly destroy the statue and kill the target.
the statue does not count as a hero therefore it cannot be resurrected.

if one day arrives a hero who causes this effect, you can blame me.

the Poisonous Servants are real snakes that die immediately after biting the enemy

another version of the platinum skill was that when the hero suffered fatal damage, he self-petrified and at that point there were only two options.

  1. if the statue was destroyed, all the enemies were petrified in turn for 15sec.
  2. if the hero was “saved” (sorry I don’t remember the word), she would resurrect to full strength and cause 5% more damage.

and she is the last member of SAR112


I like this :slight_smile:

What about her skin having the hair of snakes? I would love it more. And let it be a legendary skin because it’ll be a true transportation and heighten/change one skill.