New hero concept Nocalla

New hero concept, “nocalla”

A female small backline hero, uses debuffs on herself to enhance her and weaker allies to increase their combat effectiveness, can quickly turn the tides
Health : 2/5
Damage : 2.5/5
Armor : 2/5
Abilities : 5/5

-bronze : Gives a shield reducing damage by 50% to her and the weakest allied hero, lasting 15 seconds and increasing damage by 2/5, charges as soon as this ability ended and has a charge of 5/10

-silver : stands still, stunning the targeted enemy for 5 seconds (increases with 1 every 10 levels) whilst the stun is up this hero taunts and gains immunity to knockback

-gold : whenever this hero is below 50% health she gains a shield protecting her from 75 percent of incoming damage but will taunt, lasting 10 seconds, but whenever this hero is taunting her silver charges 35% quicker

-platinum : whenever this hero dies, the weakest allied hero gains 4/5 damage and will gain her max hp, if the bonus hp is lost this hero will stay dead, if it lasts 10 seconds she will be resurrected with 50% hp

She will use a 2 round burst pistol that deals about 2.5 of 10 damage and shoots fast, with an 18 round mag, its kind of an revolver but with a special cilinder and a scope, reloads in about 3 seconds just like a revolver and has good accuracy

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In her Gold Ability, it’s says “whenever this hero is taunting”, how does she taunt? It’s not in any of her other Abilities.

Secondly, for her Platinum Ability, it says “when she dies, the weakest allied hero will gain 4/5 damage and will gain her hp.” If this Ability is activated by her dying, then doesn’t that mean that the weakest allied hero will gain 0 hp?

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-Silver: 15 second stun? A bit much. I’m assuming you mean as long as stun is up means that stops dealing damage to self if person dies… this is like dominate without the possibility of ending… a bit op

-Bronze: I just noticed this was 15 seconds as well. 2 people receiving 50% damage reduction AND damage boost without a possibility of ending? Also OP

  • So does gold and bronze stack? 75 percent damage reduction with only a 50 percent cut off AND 50 percent shield is a bit overkill.

Needs balance. Good accuracy and shooting fast seems odd for a revolver, especially a big one with an 18 round mag.

This basically sounds like pris’s gun with a bigger mag, with dominate (silver), with a francoise buff without charging (bronze), that all of a sudden became a frontliner (gold), and then proceeded to merge execute someone after phoenix flatlined (plat).

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Found a name as well as logo


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I meant of her max hp, I kind of made it in a hurry gotta edit it a bit

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She deals a big amount of damage to herself while the enemy is stunned

Some name ideas are Lockman, Maslan, Perrin, Schoenbach, Nocella, or Endres.

Your hero concept will also need observable and measurable ways to upgrade the skills. Whether it’s in duration (1 second increase per 10 levels), or in the strength of the ability (X Health per second).

Thanks vint, always helping me out :slight_smile:

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