New Hero Concept : Oremid - Combat Warrior


Realm: Forged Fantasy

Element: Water
Faction: Followers of the Shining Rose
Position: Midline

HP: 4/5
Armor: 3/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 3/5

Oremid - Combat Warrior

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Weapon: Staff

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Shooting Rate: 3 rounds per second
Ammunition Capacity:
Recharge Time: 0 seconds
Damage: Medium

Uncommon Ability: Power Blast

  • Oremid shoots a powerful blast from his staff, destroying the targeted enemies cover, stunning for 5 seconds, and dealing x Damage.

  • Each time an enemy is affected by this, they gain a charge of Exposure.

  • For each charge of Exposure, they receive x Bonus Elemental Damage for 10 seconds.

Rare Ability: Battle Cry

  • Oremid taunts the enemy team for 15 seconds. For every x Damage he receives, he improves his staff’s damage by x Damage.

Epic Ability: Warriors Blood

  • Oremid increases his movement speed by 5% every 10 seconds, and his staff deals additional x Damage to non-shielded heroes.

Legendary Ability Victory Cry

  • Whenever Oremid kills an enemy, he yells out a loud Victory Cry stunning all enemies for 2 seconds.

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Hey all! Hope you enjoyed this hero concept for Forged Fantasy. Definitely something different.

In my opinion, Forged Fantasy is a great game, and is super enjoyable! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Hero Hunters. It could definitely use some love. If anyone is interested in trying it out, here are the links to install it, and a promo video for it! See you there! :wink:


I am loving the character design here. :slight_smile:

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