New Hero Concept: Tarma - citizen, hero, psychopathic mercenary

Mechanical Hero
Faction: Mercenary

a veteran of a past war, shaken by terrible memories, now travels around the world in search of his redemption.

Hp 3/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Explosive arrows - replaces the main weapon with a bow with 5 explosive arrows

Silver: Bandages - it is cured by rolling bandages on the left arm.

  • if hit, bandage stops

Gold: Revenge - when an ally dies, he gets a damage bonus.

  • if the ally is resurrected, the effect of revenge disappears

  • revenge accumulates for each dead ally (up to 4 times)

  • the effect lasts for 20 seconds

Platinum: Frontal Assault - at the beginning of the game he throws his knife at the enemy with more life, and then hurls himself at them to recover it

Is a man of medium stature, with an athletic physique.
He has a red bandana on his head, he stands bare chest with a belt of bullets, dark pants and military boots.

shoots by holding the rifle with his right arm and with his left arm holds the bullet tape

is armed with an M60 (75 bullets) rate of low fire, slow reload but high damage

a bow with 5 explosive arrows low rate, fast reload, medium damage

and a knife.

a bit of Backstory:
he worked for a long time under Kurtz’s command until his desertion.
after his desertion he felt betrayed and decided to retire to a place lost in the mountains, but the traumas of war haunted him and he himself could not do anything.
so he decided to take up arms again and be a soldier of fortune until death stopped him
(I know the story is weak, but I don’t know what to put it)

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