New Hero Concept: P.R.I.D.E

Background: Created for the purpose to protect people who were different, PRIDE was designed to keep things in order around communities that would tend to be overlooked by society with non violent ways. This hit hard for many people. A minor malfunction thanks to Zero Day has given PRIDE self awareness* and the thirst for justice. Now with evil in sight and little hope for the horizon, PRIDE will do whatever it can in its design to bring back that which was lost.

*identifies as Non-binary


  • Bronze: Rainbow Borealis (creates an aura around the hero that reduces damage and has a chance to replenish ammo)
  • Silver: Color Splash (throws a cluster of color bombs at the enemy that marks them as well as a random side effect)
  • Gold: Center Stage (taunts the enemy to focus fire on them when an ally hero takes critical damage below 50%)
  • Plat: First Aid (Heals a hero when they make it below 25% health. Heals until they are over 50%. Will also heal self for this duration (can only be active per 1 hero)
  • Ruby: insert energy element ruby description here

Fun fact: PRIDE is an acronym for something and that something is being worked on in my head. but it will be nice once i get it done :+1:

Name Update ------

  • Protecting
  • Residential
  • Individuals of
  • Different
  • Existence