New hero concept— Pixelator

Pixelator was a lover of gaming since he was young. He has been so addicted he mistakes real life for a game and uses a gun that simulates the olden day’s pixel guns. Nobody has been able to cure him, no matter what they do.

Weapon: Pixel gun, deals shots consistently two per second and hits a large area with a white bullet. If he lands a kill the enemy scatters into pixels instead of dying normally.

Bronze, in the zone: changes the art style of game to be pixelated for 7 seconds, increases movement and reload speed by 50%. Every time he lands a headshot he boosts his weapon by x damage up to a max of y damage. Resets after time ends.

Silver, back to basics: shoots an enemy for x damage, silencing them and reducing them to two shots per second max.

Gold, level up: after 20 seconds, Pixelator gains health regeneration for the rest of the battle. After 40 seconds, Pixelator throws a bomb with every 5th shot for the rest of the battle.

Platinum, Second chance: when Pixelator dies the first time, he revives with x health. If he has killed an enemy, he revived with x extra health.

Good hero
I see a bit of Ratchet and Clank here

Wa…wa…wait… does his Platinum Ability revive him and any enemy’s he’s killed?

no his plat would give him extra life if he killed an enemy.

also the bronze I am imagining it would turn everything all black and neon. Tron style.

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Ohhh … didn’t see the “extra” in extra health. Got it.

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