Hero idea: The wimp

The wimp:

“This unit isn’t any good, or is he? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Looks can be deceiving, you know…”

The wimp is somewhat of a joke of a character from a game called Battle Nations. He starts off as a horrible low up, low def, low accuracy, low dmg soldier that is too scrawny for his uniform and can’t control his own gun. After many painful battles of carrying him through for exp he gains massive health and skills that allow him to inject himself with a green serum that transforms him into a hulking beast that demolished enemies at close range.

He would have an assult type weapon that deals the dmg of an lmg. Bonus points if it has low accuracy.

Bronze: shoots wildly with a 40% chance to miss (combination of elite rifleman scatterfire and Savage spray and pray)

Silver: Injects himself with a green serum that gives a small shield and passively regenerates health over time.

Gold: For each miss increases accuracy and damage of next bronze

Platinum: While silver is active gains a % of health and defense boost

Legendary skin: Beefed up

Skin changes him from scrawny appearance to a hulk like appearance.

Silver: injects a green serum then jumps and smashes targeted enemy for large damage ignoring 50% defense and shields. Nearby enemies in a small radius will take 25% of damage inflicted to target. In addition to the small shield and Regen the wimp gains a large amount of health and defense for a few seconds.

(Platinum passive stacks with legendary skin ability temporary health)

I got the percentages from the wiki page for the battle nations version of The wimp. The specifics can be changed for balance but that’s the basic idea for this. I do really think this would be a cool Easter egg type thing to add in especially since battle nations was shut down.

Did you spy on my phone notes?
because I have a hero almost identical to him :rofl:

Dude! As soon as I saw “the wimp”, it made me think of Battle Nations. I led a guild I believe was called “The Punishers”. Eventually I got bored of the “build your base” type of game, too much work. The game, along with the company, shut down around half a year later, if memory serves me. R.I.P.

His transformation shouldn’t be limited to a skin. It should be his Silver skill.

Glad to see people still remember good ol battle nations! It would be awesome to have this little Easter egg in this game! Play as the legendary wimp lol.
The point of the transformation being hard to get is because it was a pain in the ass to get in battle nations and should be a bit of a pain to get in this game. Another way to do it could be that his platinum gives his silver a small chance to activate the bonus smash.

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