New Hero Concept: Raid - Air Communicator

Element: Mech
Position: Rearline

Hp 3/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 2/5
Skill 5/5

I’ll teach you how to not mess with the radio soldier.

Heavy Air Support - Multiple Heavy Skill Damage - DPS - Unanimous Support
Dangerous soldier equipped with a transceiver capable of recalling dangerous and powerful large-scale air strikes

Bronze: Precision Air Strike - recalls the attack of two planes that firing bullets and rockets, hit and destroy everything in a wide straight line.
The air strike can hit multiple targets if they fall within its range of action.

Silver: Cluster Bombardament - Point a laser into the enemy field and after 2sec, it will recall a plane that will launch 3 cluster grenades into random areas of the enemy field.
The grenades will explode in mid-air releasing many small grenades that will explode covering large areas.

Gold: White Phosphorus - the hero’s air strikes now set fire to the enemy camp, also creating a slight white smoke that disorients and causes damage over time.

  • The areas directly affected by the attacks will catch fire, while all around will be enveloped in smoke.
  • [White Phosphorus] will remain active for 15sec.

Platinum: Land-Air Radar - The use of skills will make invisible enemies visible for a few seconds.
If an enemy is marked, all attacks will converge in his area.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a 30-year-old man.
He’s wearing an aviator suit with lightweight armor.
He has a helmet similar to fighter pilots and a radio backpack.


His Weapon: The Interceptor is a semi-automatic raigun rifle with a 2-shot burst.

shooting rate : 5.10
ammunition capacity : 6
recharge time : 1.7 sec
damage : Medium


Other Notes

How Skills work.
it’s very simple, but I prefer to do the drawings

Bronze: the air attack follows a straight trajectory and cannot be set, the trajectory changes depending on the hero’s position and his view

Silver: cluster grenades are thrown randomly.
the orange circles are where the grenades explode, the yellow ones are the area of effect of the clusters

Gold: the orange areas are where the camp is on fire, while the gray areas are where the smoke is present.
in one way or another the enemy suffers damage anyway

skills take 20 seconds each to reload.


RAID: Shadow Legends is the most ambitious RPG project of the year.

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Stop right there! You’re violating the law!


Cool. Combining the abilities of Wesson and oracle to make an even more effective hero.