⚗ New Hero Concept - Resin: The (odd) Disruptor Chemist

“You probably haven’t heard about me; I get that reaction a lot. I’m not from around here, but I won’t let some daft twit like you push me around. If you wanna tango, let’s do this.”

Resin (Eric LaBerge) | Awkward Inventor – Enemy Disruption – Absorption Chemist | Biochemical

How does one put this…
…well, let’s such say Eric LaBerge is a strange bird.

Growing up in the Second Kingdom of England, Eric had little idea what the world was like beyond the borders of his own country. Actually, he had little idea what the world was like beyond his basement bedroom.

Raised a home-educated, sheltered, awkward boy, Eric came to enjoy making slime from recipes found in old science books his parents collected. As he grew, he applied his findings to new tests and experiments, eventually incorporating advanced physics with many kinds of slime and gels. (Alas, no one ever taught him the theorem of self-hygiene or social interaction; a real blow to science.)

Despite this, Eric rose in his field, eventually winning a national collegiate science award for his groundbreaking ‘Resin’, and went to America solo as a reward…

…yet the timing couldn’t have been worse. The war broke out the moment he arrived at his hotel; his way home was cut off.

Fast forward 5 years. Eric, with his messy, slime-ridden hair and grimy clothes has somehow ended up with The Watch. He values the company of the bombastic Matador and the hair-brained Artemis, but still yearns to return to England and his family. So, if you ever come across a mucky fellow armed with a Chemical Dilatant Repeater and covered in a slime, chances are it’s Eric. Or as he goes by now: Resin.


"Underestimated defense chemist. Uses buckets of slime to resist large amounts of damage, while preventing the opposition from attacking consistently.

Bronze – Goo Coat - Covers himself and the highest-health ally with a non-Newtonian fluid that strengthens with time. At activation, both taunt, and all incoming damage is reduced by 40% for 7 seconds. For every second that passes, incoming damage is further reduced by +5%, movement speed is reduced by +4% percent, and reload speed is reduced by +4%. The skill ends with the two coats solidifying and shattering, knocking back three random enemies with x bio-chem damage.

Silver - Sticky Wicket - Loads up a makeshift mortar with coagulating slime that plasters a targeted enemy. The enemy inflicted with Sticky Wicket has a 50% slower firing speed, 50% slower reload speed, and takes (small) x bio-chem damage per second for 7 seconds. (+10% on debuffs if enemy is hit while disoriented or stunned)

Gold - Misfire - This hero has a 3% chance per bullet of activating Misfire on the enemy that was hit. Misfire causes the targeted enemy to misfire their first bullet on their next reload, inflicting (small) x damage to themselves and causing knockback.

Platinum - Chrysalis - At the start of a wave, Goo Coat gains x armor for both this hero and the ally with the second coat. They also recover (small) x health per second for the full duration of Goo Coat.


This character is meant as a viable counter to high DPS enemies (such as Dogface, Kunochi, etc.), interrupting damage from basic attacks. This comes at the cost of his own mobility and basic attack damage.

With a lot of dark and foreboding characters, I made Resin as a bit of a clueless, socially-inept doof, so I hope he’s not too outlandish :joy:. Would certainly appreciate some feedback with the character and skills, so leave a like and tell me what you think! Thanks!


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