New Hero Concept: Rory Huricane - The Metalhead

Mechanical Hero
Faction: none

His passion for music is so strong that it even distorts the battlefield.
Thanks to his solos, he is able to medicate and strengthen his allies.

Hp 3/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Never Say Die - he plays a solo that regenerates the health of the allies.

  • more time he play the solo and more health regenerates
  • during the solo, Rory remains defenseless

Silver: Warriors Dawn - plays a solo that enhances the normal and critical damage of the allies for 10 seconds.

  • during the solo, Rory remains defenseless

Gold: Master Exploder - the enemy who interrupts Rory during a solo, is struck by a violent explosion

Platinum: Metal Storm - a counter is activated, the faster the fire button is pressed, the more normal damage increases.

  • the counter reaches 10.
  • each charge increases the damage by 5%.
  • if you slow down or stop, the counter returns to 0.
  • if you use an ability the counter stops.

Rory does not have a real weapon, but a special electric guitar that shoots rays from the tip of the handle (I do not remember the name) and when the “ammunition” ends, Rory re-adjusts

Appearance: it is very similar to Slash, with a black T-shirt, ripped jeans, black boots and a studded bracelet on the right arm.
His long, curly and black hair covers his eyes.

Rare Skin: Death metal - changes the overall appearance by giving the death metal artist make-up, smooth black long hair, black tshirt, black jeans, black shoes, studded cuffs and a ring on the middle finger

Leggendary Skin: The Guardian - takes the same look of Ozzy Osbourne from Brutal Legend

New silver skill: Death Rain - he plays a solo calling a huge black cloud over the enemy camp that begins to “rain” bullets, hindering and disorienting enemies.

  • the cloud persists for 10 seconds or until Rory is stopped

A bit of Backstory:
interview with Rory Hurricane

Journalist: then Mr. Hurricane, we have just heard the last song of his new album, what can you tell us? where did you find the inspiration and why does it seem so different from the other albums?

Rory: well, the fact that it’s different is because I tried to change the sound of things first, thematic … you know that most of my songs are about war, drugs and other crap eheheh, but since they’re all bursting at this time these clashes … I don’t know … it doesn’t make me want to write any more, maybe I’ll disappoint some fans, but … no, I want to try to change genre for this period.

Journalist: it seems right.
hmm…hmm we still have 5 minutes before closing and one last question.
We recently found out that you had a brother Mr. Hurricane, why did you keep it from us all this time?

Rory: … (closes his eyes and shakes his head) … no … closed interview …

Reporter: But Mr. Hurr …

Rory: I said it’s over, goodbye.

Rory leaves the studio and returns home, turns on the TV and sees his interview,
Reporter: After this question Mr. Hurricane left very angry, maybe we touched a sore point in his life, what caused that reaction? thing…

Rory turns off the TV and says: mind your own fucking business.

He opens a bottle of Vodka and if he drains it all, then he takes an old photo he sits and while the alcohol was working he says: I’m coming to see you Brother.
and falls asleep.

months pass from that interview and in the meantime the war has degenerated.
destruction everywhere, no sound, no voice, only the sound of the wind and occasionally some falling rubble

Rory finds himself walking amid staggering buildings still standing by miracle.

at a certain point he hears voices, he goes to hide and starts peeking through a hole; he sees a tall man walking around whistling with a girl dressed in green and another boy with a hair that violated every law of physics.

seeing that boy, Rory’s face lights up and rises from the hiding place but in doing so he stumbles and falling causes a loud noise, the three of them turn around and start shooting blindly, Rory hides under a grenade crater and covered his the head.

Rory: Enough, please stop !!

somehow the guy with strange hair can hear him.
Boy: cease fire Razor …
but Razor didn’t hear it
Boy: don’t shoot anymore, Razor …
but again he does not hear it.
the boy jumps and slaps Razor on the neck.
the girl sees the whole scene and laughs.

when everything calms down the boy screams: come out with your hands up.

Rory comes out of the crater all trembling.
when that boy sees Rory, he remains displaced, the weapon falls to the ground that starts a blow and almost takes Razor in the head, falls his arms and says: and you, what the fuck are you doing here?

Rory: Hi Kasper, a lot of time that we don’t see each other, right?

Kasper first rubs his eyes, then looks at him better and as he approaches he says: you … you abandoned me.

Rory seeing him approach so quickly appears to wait for a punch, but instead Kasper embraces him, leaving him stunned.

Razor: ooooh, but how sweet, who is he? your boyfriend? I hope Phoenix doesn’t get jealous.

Kasper: he, my dear dickhead, is my brother.

Phoenix: but didn’t you say you hated him because he abandoned you?

Kasper: maybe before, but now that I see it … I don’t know … it makes me feel better.

Phoenix: and his name?

Rory: Hurricane, Rory Hurri …

Razor: RORY HURRICANE?!? that Rory Hurrycane? The craziest American rocker?!? the one who threw himself from a running train that then exploded and landed on a bed of roses and skulls?

Rory: heheheh in that scene they had forgotten to remove the thorns from the roses, it was all full of blood.

Razor: The man who broke that cop’s face because he touched his guitar?

Rory: I don’t remember that part …

Razor: the one who bit the bat’s head off the stage?

Rory: No, that was another …

Razor: omg omg omg! Mr. Hurricane I am his biggest fan, I listened to all his albums, even the last one even if it was a bit shit … but they were all wonderful, I grew up listening to his songs !!

Razor was exultantly jumping from there and here while the others looked at him perplexed

Rory: eheheh … I’m happy to have raised a crazy murderer like you … heheh …

Kasper: well, after these shocking revelations, we better get out of here, before other people arrive.

Phoenix: back to base, yeeey …

Razor takes Rory on his shoulders and screams: to the Razormobile !!

Kasper: but, we don’t have a car.

Razor: ah yes? and what’s that?
Razor points a vehicle of troop transport of the KLG laughing.

Phoenix and Kasper: oh fuck.

all of a sudden, the gathering group surrounded by a KLG team headed by Beck.

Beck: give us the VIP and I promise you will die without suffering too much.

at that point Razor is given one of his brilliant ideas; throws Rory into the air, shoots a grenade at Beck who moves to dodge, then Rory grabs again and the group runs towards the truck stealing it.

A long chase starts with bullets flying to the right and left, eventually they managed to sow them,they abandoned the truck and continued on foot to a manhole that was the entrance to the base.
and that evening there was a party that I do not tell you the details because I get bored.

the names of the skills are actually names of songs:


Seems a lot ETC from heroes of the storm.

Why do I have the feeling of deja vu? I’ve remembered seeing this before…

eh no, don’t start saying that I plagiarized it somewhere because it took me an entire afternoon to write this four lines. :angry:

No like I have the feeling that I saw this somewhere in the forums before…
Not saying that you plagiarized, just that I have that sense…

Rory is the only one of this kind, it seems familiar to you because maybe it’s the original that I modified?
If you search “Metal” you only find him as a hero.



Actually, we could use a sound/music based hero. (I think of Lucio from Overwatch or this rocker guy. An edm dj or a rockstar would be a nice fit) :slight_smile:

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Maybe I am getting mixed up with Kasper

So…i thought of ETC from Heroes of the Storm or Valhallen is the self-described “Viking God of Rock” and a member of the superhero team The Justice Friends