Hero Buffs - Part 2



:arrow_right: Power: 40,435 to 41,463
:arrow_right: Health changed from 1,530,512 to 1,617,000
:arrow_right: Armor changed from: 8,087 to 8,901


:large_blue_diamond: No Changes


BRONZE ABILITY: Ghastly Liberation

:black_small_square:Leaps at a target dealing 200,000 (was 89,029) Damage and healing himself for that amount. The Attack Speed and Damage from Abilities and Basic Attacks are reduced for the target by 40% while increasing this Hero’s by the same amount for 12 (was 9) seconds.
:black_small_square:The Duration of this skill increases by 0.5 of a second every 10 levels.

SILVER ABILITY: Maelstorm Guard

:black_small_square:Channels an unstable force to protect an allied Hero and redirect the damage towards this Hero for 8 seconds. All damage this Hero receives while channeling is reduced by 50% and can activate the following depending on damage received.
:black_small_square:Maelstorm Guard - Bulwark shields this Hero for 499,250 (was 159,366) damage the first time he receives damage. The shield blocks 30% of incoming Damage, and lasts for 8 seconds or until destroyed.
:black_small_square:Maelstorm Guard - Remedy heals this Hero for 520,849 (was 172,201) Health and retriggers Bulwark’s shield when receiving more than 15% (was 20%) Damage of his total Health.
:black_small_square:Maelstorm Guard - Fury increases this Hero’s basic attack damage by 27,000 (was 20,335) Damage, alongside activating Bulwark’s shield and Remedy’s heal, if he receives more than 25% (was 40%) Damage of his total Health.


:black_small_square:Basic attacks against a target that is affected by [Ghastly Liberation] reduce the enemy’s damage by 10% for 10 (was 8) seconds.
:black_small_square:This effect stacks up to 5 times.
:black_small_square:The Duration of this skill increases by 0.5 of a second every 10 levels.


:black_small_square:Each time Ghastly Liberation is used, this Hero’s Health increases by 270,000 (was 203,168).


No Changes

:black_small_square:A Tank’s job in any decent Team coposition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a 4,541 Elemental Armor bonus and deals an additional 27,177 Damage to Cover.



:arrow_right: Power: 35,351 to 37,656
:arrow_right: Damage: 49,807 to 51,424
:arrow_right: Elemental Damage: 60,864 to 73,445
:arrow_right: Offensive Mod: 1,757.5 to 1,618.75


:large_blue_diamond: Damage per second: 110,671 to 124,869
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per shot: 19,587 to 22,100



:black_small_square:This Hero spits up a toxic phlegm bomb that gets launched towards the enemy team leaving a puddle on the ground. Any enemy that passes over it gets poisoned taking 119,636 (was 24,988) elemental damage per second for 10 seconds.

SILVER ABILITY: Licking Wounds

No Changes

:black_small_square:This Hero targets the Ally with the lowest health and Heals for 570,458 health.

GOLD ABILITY: Hardened Scabs

No Changes

:black_small_square:This Hero covers their body partially with hardened scabs giving them 3,527 armor.

PLATINUM ABILITY: Healing Pheromones

:black_small_square:This Hero emits natural healing pheromones that periodically causes a random hero to Heal for 47,501 (was 23,218) Health per second for 6 seconds.

RUBY ABILITY: Doing Damage

:black_small_square:The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 39,825 (was 33,157) Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.



:arrow_right: Power: 28,475 to 30,530
:arrow_right: Power: Health: 925,412 to 964,725
:arrow_right: Power: Damage: 36,663 to 41,618
:arrow_right: Power: Elemental Damage: 30,357 to 35,271
:arrow_right: Power: Armor: 5,535 to 5,683
:arrow_right: Power: Elemental Armor: 4,188 to 4,382

:arrow_right: Power: Offensive Mod: 1,665 to 1,850
:arrow_right: Power: Elemental Offensive Mod: 1,433.75 to 1,618.75
:arrow_right: Power: Defencive Mod: 1,665 to 1,757.5
:arrow_right: Power: Elemental Defensive Mod: 1,526.25 to 1,665


:large_blue_diamond: Damage per second: 67,020 to 76,889
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per shot: 72,847 to 83,575



:black_small_square:Attaches a accelerator rail that boosts this Hero’s attack. Improves his weapon damage by 25,184 (was 21,843) elemental damage and allows his shots to penetrate cover. Lasts until the next reload.


:black_small_square:Feeds an extended magazine into his rifle that boosts this Hero’s attack and increases his ammo capacity. Improves his weapon damage by 12,453 (was 11,066) attack damage, magazine capacity by 12 and fire rate by 66%. Lasts until the next reload.

GOLD ABILITY: Tracer Rounds

:black_small_square:Each time this Hero attacks he has a 15% chance to boost his next 5 shots. This Hero gains 18,822 (was 16,736) critical bonus and 10% critical hit chance.


:black_small_square:All allied Heroes gain armor penetration, weapon attacks ignores 1,874 (was 1,651) armor.


:black_small_square:A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains 3,911 (was 3,833) Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.



:arrow_right: Power: 33,722 to 35,587
:arrow_right: Damage: 45,399 to 51,690
:arrow_right: Elemental Damage: 52,554 to 57,750
:arrow_right: Increased the grenade speed of “Invigorate” by 56.25%


:large_blue_diamond: Damage per second: 97,953 to 109,440
:large_blue_diamond: Damage per shot: 11,787 to 13,169



:black_small_square:Tosses a drink at the targeted ally restoring 47,000 (was 45,086) Health per second for 16 seconds, cleansing all negative effects and gaining any beneficial effects this Hero has. The Health per second increases if multiple heals are applied to the same allied Hero within the effect’s duration.


:black_small_square:Stops for a drink, this Hero restores 45,000 (was 37,393) Health per second, reduces the cooldown of [Invigorate], and gains additional beneficial effects while this ability is channeled.
:black_small_square:This Hero gains a charge of [Take a Swig] every 2 seconds, each charge provides 464,004 Health, 32,407 (was 28,664) Attack damage per second and a 15% chance to evade enemy attacks for 16 seconds.

GOLD ABILITY: Street Brawler

:black_small_square:This Hero gains 10% Critical hit chance, and 223,580 Health.
:black_small_square:Whenever a critical hit is received, this Hero recovers 39,090 (was 21,348) Health per second for 4 seconds.


:black_small_square:Whenever the friendly Team is outnumbered, all allied Hero’s gain 35,000 (was 28,941) Critical bonus, 15% Critical hit chance, and gain a 20% (was 15%) chance to evade enemy attacks.


No Changes

:black_small_square:A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains 4,068 Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.



:point_right: The Bronze Ability “Limpet Parasite” did not function as the description says.
:point_right: The Silver Ability “Reallocate” was almost never triggered by AI because the bug from the Bronze Ability did prevent that. The triggers are now set to look at his team health instead of his own (so no more dying teammate and this one of full health).


:arrow_right: No Change


:large_blue_diamond: No Changes


BRONZE ABILITY: Limpet Parasite

:black_small_square:Slows Skill Generation of target by 80% (was 15%) and deals 50,001 (was 16,869) over 2 seconds. Cyphon heals for 10x the damage dealt.


:black_small_square:Cyphon disperses 20% of his Health to his allies and gains 2,501 (was 602) for himself for the next 5 seconds.


:black_small_square:Limpet Parasite also gives this hero 2,000 (was 1,206) Armor for 10 seconds.


:black_small_square:Whenever this Hero is above 55% (was 60%) he gives a bonus 350,000 (was 631,457) Health when using Reallocate.


No Changes

:black_small_square:A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains 3,555 Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.


Lol, just read francoise ruby change, soooo drastic; edit; they fixed it; it originally said something like 3063 somthin, (originally 3063) lol, 0 change

Also, this is great! Dogafce lovers get a buff for him, and upgrading heros makes them so much more useful, (just waiting to see Clyde on the list)


Part 2 of the buffs look great as well. Good job DECA. :+1:t2:


I have been resurrected from my retirement to say that this splurge of hero buffs is amazing and encouraging! Great work speaking to a lot of areas that need touching up!

Looking forward to platform stability!


I noticed how you included the bug fixes at the bottom and here are a few questions I have about some other things I came across, don’t know if their inteded or not,

1: hikari is plagued with visual glitches in the Hero tab, when viewing skins, his dagger floats around his back, and if u look at the sand warrior skin (which isn’t a plus skin idk why) it sticks to him when to view him with his normal skin in the main section, (sounds more complicated than it is, I’m just bad at explaining this)

2: when odachi slashes an enemy, they only get the healblock and dmg if they are below 50%, what about if he renders them below it? So many times they have been at like 51% and then I hit them but they take no extra dmg bc of this, making many just wait and wait to use it,

3: when heros are lifted they can’t be hit by things like, irezumi s ink cloud thing, poison caltdropz, MOAB, and many more, (I experience this the most during buckets temporary lift if that helps)

4; stygias cloud of death says it silences; but it doesn’t (side note maybe it’s better like this)

5; just a question; why does the ruby dmg skill like jareks; when at maxed caps at around 17k, so different from someone like serial; caps at around 30k, maybe 35 idk,

6; final Q! Some skins like “Centurion” for Phalax, is a plus skin but doesn’t say so, others include, hecklers green skin, fortress gallahad skin, and a few more, why don’t they label so? Another thing is the “Sand warrior skin” it says it’s a plus skin but it isn’t, I almost bought it but caught this before I did,

In conclusion; yes there are some bugs, a few questions, but you don’t have to get to this today or anything, just maybe in the future, that’s all really! (Unlike the bucket one, so painful, plz fix)


I thought Luciana would be on this second list. She was the first Astral character and would be amazing if she had better qualities to heal the team. I mean like x5 times higher than now… Right now is really low the healing she can produce. Step by step I imagine… Good job Deca. Keep it going :wink:


@bulls.eye Great I am happy to see this unfold the way it is great job.

The improvements are well received. The only thing I want to point out is playability.

For example Dogface. Dogface Fire At Will skill magazine capacity was 18. Then it was reduced to 16. Then it was reduced to 14. Then it was reduced to what we have now 12. The delay for this magazine to active from cooldown also was delayed longer further reducing his playability. That’s why he is not a go to useful hero anymore beyond a new players bronze or silver level. It wasn’t his damage it was his usefulness that got nerfed which still makes him the same with these improvements I mean I’m glad his damage is improved but it still takes a long time for him to get started if he is able to survive which I see his health was improved but I think he’ll still be targeted now just probably much more sooner now to keep him out of contention because his playability is the same-reduced. He won’t be a contender until later and when he is he’s still the same limited in damage’ kill factor.

Please understand that because of his playability reductions this created another problem in bounty for Dogface as before where the sequences would change and he had yet to load his weapon to hit the bounty. We would go through wave one and he didn’t finish loading his weapon before we started wave 2 and that’s an exact result of what they did and what we had was a hero that wouldn’t even start his attack and did nothing and then we started wave 2 . This was a problem they wouldn’t say hey we went too far we made a mistake let’s get this straight-no it didn’t happen they continued to make further mistakes.

So they fixed that with accelerated weapon loads when the match starts (that’s one reason why we have it now) so instead of correcting Dogface playability they decided to solve that issue with accelerated loads from the start at bounty but it still doesnt apply to say pvp events. I wish you would take this into review and check yourselves of his activation vs cooldown vs playability and improve his magazine capacity somewhere close to what it used to be as he is rather unique and you can say the same for gunsmoke. Gunsmoke magazine capacity is already at a higher level than Dogface so there’s definitely a balance issue between their playability, respective to each character and their faction of course.

As a result of their mistakes with Dogface, and later in bounty we now have a hero issue such as with Halloway that his clones used to start at the beginning of bounty and carry through into the 2nd wave. There is a glitch that prevents some if not all of his clones from going to the 2nd wave. Instead of fixing it they simply destroyed his clones and started a new clone at 70% charged because they had already did that to fix Dogface when they did not resolve Dogface gun load issue and making bounty start at 70% loaded so thereby with Halloway losing the clones at the start of the 2nd wave which in wave 1 where we already took the time to build them up and use them we lose everything we built for wave 2 we had to and still start all over and currently as it is you don’t get to Halloway 3rd clone built and going until the end of the 2nd wave when bounty is over. Making this a bad decision and completely making those types of skills still unusable. This needs to be fixed. The current playability is terrible.

This is maddening this was never fixed and this applies to another’s hero, maybe Xianjiu? As well I believe but doesn’t apply to all hero spawning skills such such as hivemind drones, I believe they don’t do this at all they stay alive throughout bounty. Still we have a disparity between heroes that lose skills just to restart all over vs heroes that do not and this was never properly addressed or fixed. It was just a sloppy solution to incorrective actions for one hero in Dogface that was never addressed properly that leaves us like this Still as Halloway and Xianjiu remain unfixed when they nerfed, nerfed, nerfed and renerfed the cooldown time and ammo capacity situations for Dogface incorrectly to begin with. I’m sure another solution could have been utilized than what we currently have on both counts.

This has been annoying to all players ever since.
Can you check and review the playability issues there to fix the clones to work properly from one wave in bounty into the next so the active clones remain in battle to fight like they used to in bounty?

@bulls.eye Thank you for the efforts you have presented us so far I appreciate what you guys have been able to put together .




HAHAHAHA, they are so long, could use a little summarization, but they do give valid points

I am planning to create a separate Forum topic for any lingering bugs and issues that we might have missed and you guys know about. Please feel free to drop by when I publish the topic. I am not sure how to answer your fifth and sixth question yet. I will do my best to find answers.


I see your points and similar to Basher’s questions I realize that there might be some other issues for us to fix in upcoming releases. That’s why I will create a separate topic, where we can gather all bugs that the community can think of and I will be able to document them and show them to the team. Thank you very much!


Can’t wait to see it! One funny little bug I like is when you upgrade voltage, her eyes pop out of her head in the animation, it’s pretty funny

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This scared the bones out of my body the first time. Luckily i have her maxed

@bulls.eye Thank you This is why I was initially against nerfs over buffs because when some aspects of game play in bounty and PvP are addressed properly it’s really going to illuminate the heroes playability and which ones are on an even keel and shine and which ones need to rise up to those as a standard level of performance and damage we can count on in events for PvP and separately in bounty. This is very good to hear thank you.

Appreciate the buff on dogface. But without ruby skill of “doing damage”, i dont think he can keep up with newer heroes and bring him back into the game. Also, his reload speed is one of the worst in the game. And if he gets interrupted halfway during reload, it starts all over again. :grinning:

I do hope gammond make it in future buff list. His healing could use some improvements. Right now his healing seems to be lower than venoms constant heal. Also would be nice to bring back his original killshot. :grinning:

Speaking of bug fix… i think “taunt” needs to be fixed. “Taunt” is meant to draw enemy fire away from your other heroes. While this might work if you are playing against bots… it does not work if your opponent is manually controlling a hero. Your opponent will continue to shoot at whoever he wants ignoring the taunt. My suggestion to fix this would be to make your opponent lose manual control whenever one of your heroes is taunting. He only regains manual control once taunt is over or when the taunter is dead. During taunting… all enemies must shoot at and direct their offensive skills at the taunter. While on your team… all positive skills like fran’s invigorate or caine’s armour up should be given to the taunter to keep him alive. I think if “taunt” is fixed… heroes that taunts like butter, bucket, razorback, dreadnought, ursus etc… can bring some added benefit to your team.


Let’s keep taunts the way they are. The entire point of manual play is having full control over your hero

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When your hero is stunned… you lose control of your hero momentarily. I think same thing should happen when your enemy is taunting. Your hero should become “taunted”. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of taunt.

The fix i am suggesting is nothing different to when your entire team get stunned by voltage or get lifted by bucket where you lose manual control over your entire team for a brief period of time. I am simply suggesting that taunt should have similar effect.

@bulls.eye, for your own sanity (and many others‘ too), please add a word limit for each post. That guy‘s message is longer than a PhD thesis. :sweat_smile:


I do fear that all these buffs will continue the trend of powercreep. But putting aside those worries, these seem like reasonable changes. Maybe the Caine buffs are a tad bit too strong, but I’m interested in seeing how this will play out.

Great work again DECA. This is my review on the buffs:

Kier: 5/10
Slurp: 6/10
Dogface: 5/10
Fran: 6/10
Cyphon: 9/10

I LOVE this batch balance patch of heroes. HH made me sick from changing 2 heroes every 2 decades. This gonna kick the pvp back alive.