New Hero Concept: Shrank - No Man's Robot

Element: Mechanic
Faction: SAR112
Position: Midline

HP 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Have you ever heard the story of Pinocchio?
A wooden puppet awakened by a fairy who wants to be a real boy…
I have pretty much the same goal, but only unlike him, I have no strings attached…
A completely autonomous battle automaton.
built who knows where and who knows why during the Cold War.
He studies and learns the every move of the enemy, he improves himself and eliminates the enemy… and then he starts all over again.

Bronze: Battle Automaton - enhances the damage of the weapon, increases its rate of fire and gets infinite ammunition for 7sec, but considerably lowers accuracy

Silver: Indestructible - overcharges itself getting a small shield that absorbs 20% of the incoming damage for 4sec.
Upon destruction of the shield, the hero gets [immortality] and starts drawing fire on him, but can’t move for 7sec.

Gold: Wundervaffen - the hero’s weapon gets two upgrades to increase the destructive power.
Some bullets can explode causing extra damage in a small area.
Occasionally the hero’s weapon can fire 3 small rockets that chase the target and cause elemental damage in a small area.

  • If [Battle automaton] and [Indestructible] are both active, the chances of firing explosive bullets and rockets increase by 50%.

Platinum: Soulless - the hero starts the game with 5 charges of [Soulless], each charge increases the hero’s armor by 10%.
Each time the hero activates a skill, he loses one charge and the armor percentage but increases the damage of the weapon by 150% for 3sec.

  • Each charge lost, slightly increases the skill reload time.
  • If the hero dies still holding at least one charge, he will generate a nova that will damage all enemies.

Appearance: is a skinless automaton with an exposed exoskeleton.
Its appearance is very resembling the human skeleton and it is a deliberate choice since one of its objectives is to instill fear in the opponent.
has completely black eyes but bright white pupils.

His Weapon:
The Shovel is a small carbine with a high rate of fire and high destructive power, but has little ammunition.

shooting rate : 8.10
ammunition capacity : 15
recharge time : 1.7 seconds
damage : High