New Hero Concept: Smoke - Death From The Fog

Energetic Hero
Faction: Black Ops KLG

Hp 2/5
Armour 3/5
Skills 4/5

hides himself and his allies in dense clouds of smoke while attacking the enemy

Bronze: Smoke Granade - throws a smoke grenade into the enemy field releasing a dense smoke curtain that fogs the enemy’s view over a large area

  • enemies inside the smoke cannot shoot the allies

Silver: Fog - throws smoke grenades into the current position of the allies hiding them

  • the smoke persists for 10 seconds
  • the smoke grenades cover a small area
  • the enemy cannot see the ally inside the smoke

Gold: Mint Flavour - all allies inside the smoke curtains receive a health regeneration bonus

Platinum: Special Granades - “Smoke Granade” gets elementary bonuses depending on the hero who shoots at it.

  • If a mechanic shoots at the smoke the target catches fire.
  • If an energy shoots at the smoke, the target gets electrocuted.
  • If a biochemist shoots at smoke, the target is covered with acid.

Appearance: He wearing a black stealth suit, a multipurpose belt with a myriad of smoke grenades

He is armed with a silenced USP and a knife (you never know)
medium rate of fire, fast recharge, low damage

a bit of Backstory: in reality none know if it is a man, a woman or a robot, because it never speaks, the verses are suffocated by the mask and the suit does not show anything.
However, Smoke is an elusive assassin, completing any assignment (excels in espionage missions).
As mentioned above it is a killer, but it does not kill anyone unless it is in danger or the mission requires it.
For the rest, not much is known, the files are completely censured; birth, family, period of military activity, everything.
It’s as if someone did not want something to be discovered about him / her


Seems like a better Ghoul. Maybe his elder brother who will be joining Murlocks.

Both are using grenades for different purposes. And I liked idea of smoke screen, however not being able to shoot is bit too op if for long duration, and pretty useless if for 2-3 seconds. I would say give it Mandrake’s touch of invisibility with minor armour/sheild effect without heal.

Fog is great but sounds lot like silenced. 10 seconds of silence is OP

Gold is nice, however I would say 15% elemental defense reduce when under attack will sum it up.

Impressive work man. We do need a character which actually uses smoke grenades ( AND FLASHBANG!! )

(Ominous footsteps)
I know what your wondering.
What’s in the canister?
I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill ya.
I’m only mucking about it. Relax.
As for what’s in the canister, it’s best you don’t ask

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Mine are only estimates, then if the HH decides to put it in the rooster, they will decide how to fix the statistics.
The hero who uses flashbang and stun, honestly I do not know how to do it, I have to think about it, if you want you can help me to create it

I was inspired more by Mute than by Smoke actually, maybe a little bit of Smoke from Mortal Kombat but just a little bit.

I am relatively new to game and apart from that I never created character before. I just started surfing forum since my alliance is settled and got little time to see what everyone is doing here.

I can suggest ideas but I will lack in what making skillset as total and definitely lack with character design. I will sum up few ideas and contact you, if you like :slight_smile: