New Hero Concept: Tharsis - Elemental Hero

Element: Energy

Hp 3/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

The balance between the elements is the key
A mighty warrior equipped with ultra-advanced technology to be able to defeat any type of enemy


Bronze: Magma Trap - generates a series of explosions in the enemy field releasing a glowing slime.
Enemies hit by the slime will be slowed down and will suffer fire damage for the duration of the skill.

  • If the enemy leaves the affected area, they will suffer fire damage for 3 seconds.
  • the skill lasts for 6 seconds.

Silver: Heavy Radiation - Shoots a grenade that explodes on contact in a large area.

  • After the explosion it will create an area that will cause radioactive (or chemical) damage to all enemies in the area.
  • Enemies trapped by ‘mechanical trap’ will suffer twice as much damage and the effect of the trap ends immediately.

Gold: Quantum Shield - protects itself with a shield that absorbs 30% of incoming damage.

  • During the absorption of damage, the shield has a 50% chance of generating an electric shock that will hit an enemy at random.
  • after destruction, the shield will regenerate after 15 seconds

Platinum: Elemental Explosion - before he dies, he obtains immortality and provokes the enemy by attracting all the damage on himself.
After 5 seconds, it generates a violent nova (explosion) that affects all enemies and destroys the covers of both teams.

  • while the skill is active, the hero can not move or attack
  • the damage of the explosion is equal to 100% of the absorbed damage
  • the skill can be activated once per game

Appearance:is a large, very tall, muscular man (?).
He wears an ultra-technological armor that allows him to channel an enormous amount of energy through a mysterious energy core.

has a helmet that resembles that of a Roman gladiator

The Weapon: Dual Apoclator
are two medium-sized ion guns (similar to the Oro cannon) that fire a continuous ray of pure energy.
But if you’re a man with little imagination, are two large machine guns like those of Savage
High rate of fire, average damage, slow recharge

A bit of Backstory - It’s defined as a man, but no one really knows who’s inside that armor.
Human? Machine? Alien? You don’t know.
We only know that his is one of the latest ultra-technological armor around, loaded with a core of mysterious energy.
The slightest miscalculation and the core could explode sweeping away a city the size of Tokyo.

Forged Fantasy Version:

Element: Water (or whatever)

That the gods lend me some of their power to punish these vile and protect the equilibrium.
Immortal Guardian of the Elements
This mighty warrior channels the power of the elements to fight endless hordes of enemies untiringly.


Bronze: Hell Fire - ignites the right sword causing fire damage to the target over time.

Silver: Frost Burn - freezes the left sword causing constant frost damage until the target is blocked.

Gold: Forest Shield - gets a shield that absorbs 30% of the incoming damage.
While absorbing damage, the shield has a 10% chance every second to regenerate a small amount of energy.

  • After destruction, the shield will regenerate after 15 seconds.

Platinum: Elemental Knight - If Hell Fire, Frost Burn and Forest Shield are active at the same time, the hero gets damage bonuses and regenerates the health of the allies.

Appearance: is a mysterious-looking knight with a heavy magical armor that channels the power of all the elements plus a hint of magic.

The Weapon: Hell Fire and Frost Burn
are two huge magic swords obtained respectively from the bones of 2 ancient dragons impregnated by the pure magic of fire and ice

A bit of Backstory: After the split was opened, Tharsis was sent by the gods to remedy the fact and eliminate all the allies of Isabis.
Even if he doesn’t do it on purpose, wherever he goes he leaves chaos.
Maybe the gods made a small miscalculation to send such a powerful being to fix something so delicate.