New Hero Concept: Strato Trooper - Flying Recon Troop

4 :star: Hero Concept

Element: Mechanical image
Faction: KLG Irregulars image
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

a bit of Backstory

The Strato Troopers derive from an old branch of the U.S. military.
During the Cold War, various types of spy aircraft were designed and put into service, some among them was the Strato Destroyer.
The Strato Destroyers were huge and powerful aircraft with dual drone/human piloting modes, they were used in multiple operations between simple espionage, procurement, sometimes bombing all at the height of the stratosphere.
At the end of the Cold War all the squadrons and aircraft were decommissioned, but not dismantled in case they would be needed for any reason.
From Zero Day to the present, the project has been resurrected but, the aircraft themselves were dismantled for resources; all participants still alive were recovered from their lives and put as trainers for future troops.
The new Strato Troopers possess a high efficienta ultra-tech suit.
Each suit is customizable but has basic mandatory possesses: the suit itself is made of reinforced polyethylene anti-abrasion, anti-tear and anti-friction; Termogel to keep temperature balanced and avoid damage from excessive frost; triple layer of fabric placed between legs and arms retractable, a safety parachute; Jetpack Glider III used mainly for fast movement, dodging and rising from the ground.
New adopting techniques are experimented with every day, and a new model always comes out annually, retiring the old one, repurposing it and putting it back as a giant recycling loop.
The costs are also quite low and the speed of production very fast.

Controller - Air Striker

  • Strato Troopers are soldiers trained for fast and precise combat.
  • Thanks to their suits, they can fly for medium to short distances or swoop down at full speed from heights equal to the stratosphere in complete safety.
  • If required, they can also be on standby for long periods of time while awaiting orders, the suit will automatically think of the user’s safeguard and needs.
  • The vast majority of Strato Troopers are women of small to medium size at the technical level they are more aerodynamic, are more organized and fast; while men are used mostly to transport heavy equipment and armaments


Fast Strife
fires a burst of 30 shots at the target causing image damage and reducing the armor by X% as long as it is under fire.

  • While in flight [Fast Strife] can hit multiple targets.
  • The attack can be interrupted at any time, but the ability will not reload until it is completely exhausted.

frees itself in the air by flying autonomously across the field for 12sec, increasing its agility by 10%.

  • Each kill increases the time in the air by another 6sec.
  • the hero can shoot even while on the move.
  • the hero takes X more damage while in the air.

Evasive Maneuvers
while in the air, increases dexterity and damage evasion probability by 70%.

Causes image extra damage against enemies with [Target] or [Provocation] active

Ace of Sky
A good pilot must know everything about their aircraft and have an ace in the sleeve for every eventuality.
While in the air, this hero obtain x3 base damage and immunity to most status effects.

Is a tight-fitting suit similar to latex.
it is almost naked in the sense that it lacks armor except at the chest.
It is entirely black and the decorations are in KLG colors.

Think Striker but with armor only in the chest, this is to give aerodynamics and lightness… don’t think wrong

Their Weapon: sLMG Viper
the “s” stands for small
Is the basic weapon of all klg troops.
the Viper has LMG set but is smaller, has a high rate of fire and a 30-round magazine.
It fires tracer bullets of smaller caliber than normal.

Class: LMG
Fire Rate: 15.03
Ammunition capacity: 30
Reload Speed: 0.8 sec
Damage: medium-low

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images taken from roman3dd Modelli di 3D | TurboSquid


Always nice to see a concept from you Lappo. :+1:t2:

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