New Hero Contest 2

A New KLG Member is joining the hunt soon! Welcome… ANVIL!

Want a chance to win Anvil? Take your best guess at what the backstory of Anvil is!

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Flatline’s older & overprotective brother

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Halloway’s brother, calling it right now.

Both of them have the same bulky looking assault rifle, both shoot lasers from their heads.

I can imagine they didn’t get along as kids, which caused them to join the enemies of each other. He probably left the UAF to spite his brother, despite being so close to him.

Maybe one day Anvil would come to terms with his brother…

The mission had caused bloodshed on both sides. Ryker and Beck had both been blasted away. Nightingale couldn’t fly and had fallen from her perch. Steele had been downed by the enemy steel, and all who remained were Halloway and Anvil. Anvil had been almost unscathed during the fight, barely even getting grazed by Ryker. However, Halloway wasn’t so lucky. Beck had poured several rounds, and before she fell she threw one last frag grenade, putting Halloway in critical condition. He lay on the ground, bleeding, when Anvil approached him. Halloway closed his eyes, accepting his death, but heard no shot, felt no pain. Instead, he saw a hand, a hand reaching out for him. He took the hand and was helped up, and for the first time in years, peace between the two warring sides had been met.

Anvil used to be in UAF Airborne with Panzer, Hivemind, and Halloway; but Kurtz brainwashed and recruited Anvil into Kurtz Lawgivers faction just like Steele.

Anvil is Phalanx’s master. He personally made and gifted Phalanx’s Plasma Pulse weapon when she graduated. Anvil saw that order must be established, thru whatever means necessary, to prevent further collapse of society.

Anvil And Callidus were comrades at one point, he is the energy version of Calldus using similar Technology.

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that’s actually shoulder mount…

Steele - the outspoken nemesis of Panzer and in extent the UAF - couldn’t handle all this by himself and went scouting for a body guard. When the ashes and smoke after a brawl with The Watch settled, there stood Anvil. Without much negotiation, Anvil agreed on joining Kurtz Lawgivers.
True to the name Anvil stands steady, soaking up enemy fire without a care in the world more than protecting Steele. Or?

Anvil uses gravity manipulation which makes him immune to knockback, shields up and taunts enemy fire in the early stages of any fight only to discharge the damage back. With his plasma gun Anvil can direct a continuous stream of deadly energy that also slows down anyone who gets close to it.

The question is, for how long can Steele trust his bodyguard?
Since Anvil joined the Kurtz Lawgivers the faction has lost important intel and become divided in two. But so far no one, not even Kurtz, dared to question Anvil’s loyalty.

Using Halloway technology which he stole, He was recruited into the Klg and proved himself to be a lethal soldier.

Despite his chaotic past and disdain for the bureaucracy of functioning as a part of an organization, the Kurtz Lawgivers knew that Anvil’s cooperation would give them a distinct advantage in their operations. With his history as a reckless bodyguard preceding him, he reluctantly joined the KLG to operate as a protector for their troops - they knew him to be fiercely loyal… to whom he chose.

His control over raw, focused, elemental energy made him a force to be reckoned with. A brilliant engineer, he was able to use tools stolen during his days as an autonomously driven mercenary, to construct technology capable of harnessing raw energy into a usable form. His knowledge and skill-set have given him the ability to wield all nature of machinery and use it to his tactical advantage, disrupting and frustrating those that would face him.

These skills were the driving factor making him so appealing to the KLG forces. His knowledge unparalleled and his motivations unknown, they appealed to his sense of duty to reign in his loyalty. Hesitant at first, he joined Kurtz Lawgivers, leaving his mercenary life behind him but not his myriad of highly sophisticated tech.

Sending his enemies into an energy-locked stasis allows him to protect his fellow team-members, giving them ample opportunity to take advantage of and overwhelm their adversaries. With his control over the inherent energy of his surroundings, he could create force-fields around himself and fellow teammates, resisting tremendous potential damage. Similarly, he is able to disrupt opponents’ shields, draining them from afar and applying the stolen energy to his own team members.

With the threat of the UAF drawing ever-closer, Kurtz’ recruitment of Anvil will prove to be key in resisting the assault. While the UAF tactics are laden with strength and experience, the KLG will now be able to thwart these plans, sending the UAF forces into a distressed confusion.

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Anvil and callidus are twins and were both first in the KLG but while Callidus joined the Morlocks because she didn’t want to work for Kurtz anymore, Anvil remained in the KLG because he enjoys causing destruction and is always searching for trouble.

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I’m not good at guessing but would love to win.

Anvil is a KLG spy who worked closely with both Hivemind and Halloway. He was initially sent for intel on their military operations. However, having a brilliant mind, he has adapted the wave energy from Halloway’s technology into a small shoulder mounted drone similar to that of Hiveminds’. This has allowed him to be agile in combat since he can use his hands more freely with a smaller pistol, but still have incredible damage with this breakthrough tech.

Can the UAF stand up to this formidable foe with intricate knowledge of their militia and tech? Or will they be crushed…by the Anvil?

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Backstory: Anvil was the son of a military family. Following in not only his older brother but his father’s footsteps, he took any chance he got to train and bring honor and pride into the family name. That is until Zero Day, where he lost all he found dearly to him. With a new goal and avenge in his mind, he applied some modifications to his suit to make sure those who caused his dispair will never hurt anyone again. With his trusted shoulder mount, it will focus fire and increase the damage done to the target enemy for the duration of the focus or until interrupted. He hopes to make everyone proud

Anvil is a soldier who went AWOL, after working with the UAF for a long time he was a veteran that knows his way around the battle field, after going deep into enemy territory and getting captured he was brainwashed and converted to join the KLG

This is gonna be fun.

Anvil, the Psychotic Vaporizer

The audio tape begins with sounds of a person fiddling with the device, unbeknownst against the person that the device has already activated its recording function.

“Hey… how do you-… work… come on… old world piece a junk…is it already…?”

“Yes! There we go… alright…”

A young man clears his throat several times before speaking.

“Hey…! You found my villainous monologue audio tape! I know its seriously old school but still - that’s actually really cool-… hey can you do me a favor and listen? It’d be awesome for someone to actually listen to me for once and not have to be interrupted every five seconds? Got the time? Don’t answer, of course you do.”

A strange mixture of sound that seems to be mixture of a boot smashing into something hard and a strained grunt from a person a little away from the recording device emanates from the audio tape.

“Listen, UAF? We’re not your enemy, okay? The KLG are basically you, but we do things better here! It would be actually really, really nice if you guys could just stop sending your people on our side of the city. Please? I-…”

The speaker was interrupted by what is assumed to be a man groaning. The man’s groaning was interrupted by a gunshot, presumably from a small firearm - likely a pistol. No more extraneous voices were heard for the remainder of the tape.

“See what I mean? I’m literally trying to make this sorta truce tape and then ‘Whiny McGroanface’ here just wants to stop all that. Look, we all know you UAF folk are failing. So save us the trouble and come join us! I promise you, when we all meet face to face, KLG and UAF, I will personally make sure that only a quarter of your soldiers are executed! What’d you say? Wha-…”

The man was interrupted yet again by sounds of gunfire. A few moments later the tape made sounds reminiscent of being dropped onto something hard. A momentary sound of what seems to be a build-up of energy before the tape ends abruptly.


I think Anvil is an ex member of the Rangers, the former number two, skilled in stealth missions and assassination with his predator like laser and prophet-like outfit…
Jealous of the adoration of others members for Prophet, whereas he estimates himself as skilled and competent as the so called leader, he attempted a coup,failed and (escaped) or was exiled.
After that he had been approached by KLG and accepted to become a member of the organization.
English is not my mother tongue so excuse my mistakes

there you are, you mysterious pokemon

anvil is ex-mercenary faction and join the KLG after recruited by kurtz

Bring cyclops little brother to hero hunters hope hes stronger then he was…can’t wait mybe just mybe this is my month to win the hero

Anvil used to be a member of UAF and are comrades with Halloway and Hivemind. He forged hivemind’s and halloway’s tech to build a very unique weapon that would allow him to be agile in the battlefield. Kurtz learning his intelligence ordered his capture and had him undergone brainwash to follow his orders. Little did he know that Anvil was ordered to do go undercover and spy on enemy line. Is Anvil really the enemy now, or playing a front to better Kurt’z?