October Update II Notes


The October Update II is out now!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

What’s New?

New Heroes

FactionIcon_KLG Anvil

  • "A Faceless Menace" Anvil is a merciless commando drone that can smash through enemy tanks. Use his skills to charges his own defenses and deal devastating energy damage to heavily shielded enemy units.

:tshirt: New Hero Skins

  • See the list of New Skins in the October Update II below.


Legendary (1) Rare (2) Common (4)
Battle-Hardened Steele Krieg Panzer Avenger Hideo
Patrolman Gammond Sludge Scum
Bruiser Mauler
Midnight Maven

Mode Changes

:crossed_swords: PvP

  • Changes to PvP Matchmaker now applies a larger penalty for mismatched teams. This is to help place teams of varying power against opponents with an equal opportunity to win.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause Heroes to move at a higher speed during PvP matches.

:skull: Bounties

Gameplay Changes

:angel: Aim Assist Changes

  • Adjustments to improve aim assistance, improved overall ability to hit mostly well-aimed shots.

:shield: Armor Damage Reduction Changes

  • Adjustments to Armor effectiveness. The overall effectiveness of Armor was reduced, allowing a greater proportion of a Hero’s Damage to be dealt to the target after Armor reduction. All Heroes will be affected by this change, however this change is skewed to provide a greater benefit to higher Rate of Fire heroes.

:four_leaf_clover: Critical Bonus Changes

  • Critical Bonuses for all Heroes were improved to provide a greater Damage Bonus on a Critical Hit. All Heroes will now be dealing a base 200% Critical Damage, was 150%. Skills involving Critical Bonuses were adjusted as a result of these changes. The various Skill Changes are detailed below, see Hero Changes.

:shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign: ROLE WARFARE: Role Specialization

Hero Changes

Steele Castellan_a Bolt Halloway Cross Heckler

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Steele Steele

Major improvements were made for Steele. These changes are to reduce the frustration many players faced while attempting to use this Hero, his skills are more consistent and will no longer be wasted if both queued at the same time.

  • Improved Open Fire:

    • Removed limited duration & Unlimited Ammo. Now provides bonus Ammo Capacity, the effect now ends when the Hero reloads or his ammo is depleted.
    • Reduced Accuracy of long bursts.
    • Minor Reduction to Attack Bonus.
  • Improved Bullet Storm:

    • Removed % chance, Damage per second has a 100% chance.
    • Improved Damage per second.
  • New Skill Bullet Hell (Battle-Hardened):

    • Replaces Bullet Storm.
    • Targets a single enemy, stunning, silencing and dealing Damage per second for a duration
    • Improved Damage per second.
  • Improved Commanding Presence:

    • The shield can refresh if it is undamaged for 10 seconds.
    • Reduced Shield Health.
  • Improved Suppressing Fire:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.
    • Added a 6% trigger chance to Damage Reduction debuff.
    • Improved Duration; 2 seconds > 6 seconds.
    • Can stack up to 10 times, increasing the Damage Reduction per charge.

Castellan_a Castellan

Dramatic improvements to his quality of life and overall damage output of his Turret. Castellan should now be a more significant threat on the battlefield and be much harder to deal with if ignored.

  • Improved Stats:

    • Improved Health Stat: 3500 > 5700
  • Improved Weapon Performance:

    • Improved Ammo Capacity; 6 > 8
    • Reduced Fire Rate; 400 ms > 550 ms
    • Improved Reload Speed; 2 seconds > 1.5 seconds
  • Reworked Sentry Turret:

    • Skill starts with 50% cooldown, if the wave ends while the turret is still active 50% of the cooldown is refunded.
    • Increased Skill Cooldown Cost; 20 > 40.
    • After the turret has been active for 20 seconds it gains a Missile attack. The Missiles automatically target enemies designated by Castellan.
  • Improved Sentry Turret Weapon Performance:

    • Improved Target Prioritization & Targeting inertia.
  • Improved Auto-Repair:

    • If the [Sentry Turret] is already at full Health, it provides Castellan with a Shield.
    • Reduced Heal Over Time.
    • Improved trigger range.
  • Reworked Fortify:

    • Reduced Bonus Health.
    • Reduced Bonus Elemental Armor.
    • Added Bonus Armor while [Sentry Turret] is active.
    • Fixed a minor issue that prevented proper application of the Buff to all allied Heroes.

Bolt Bolt

  • Adjusted Shrapnel Storm:

    • Provides a free reload.
  • Improved Barbed Bolt:

    • Improved Duration; 10 seconds > 16 seconds.
    • Increased Skill Cooldown; 16 seconds > 25 seconds.
    • Damage increases each time the target is damaged by [Shrapnel Storm] or Bolt’s Basic Attacks.
    • Reduced initial Elemental Damage over Time, Improved max Elemental Damage over Time.
    • Improved Trigger chance for Elemental Damage over Time; 30% > 100%
    • Removed Base Damage on impact.
    • Provides a free reload.
  • Reworked Called Shot:

    • Adjusted Headshot Bonus Damage.
    • Improved Elemental Damage over Time.
    • Improved Trigger chance for Elemental Damage over Time; 20% > 100%
  • Synthetic Intuition (New Skill):

    • Replaces Synthetic Skin.
    • Gain Critical Bonus Damage.
    • Provides Critical Chance boost for each reload.
    • Provides reload rate boost on Critical Hits.

Halloway Halloway

  • Improved Holo Doubles:

    • Improved Skill Cooldown Cost; 50 > 30
    • Cooldown Cost increases by 30% for each active Holo Double; 30 > 39 > 48.
  • Improved Aberration:

    • Improved Damage.
    • Reduced Elemental Damage.
    • Projectiles are no longer Homing but, travel faster and can now Damage multiple enemies in its path.
  • Improved Synchronize:

    • When a Holo Double is killed reduce the cooldown of [Holo Double] by 15%.
  • Improved Solidify:

    • Improved bonus Health.
    • Improved bonus Health (Holo Double).

Cross Cross

  • Improved Poison Rain:

    • Improved Elemental Damage over time.
  • Improved Incapacitate:

    • Increased Damage over time duration (Stun duration remains at 3 seconds); 3 seconds > 8 seconds.
    • Reduced Elemental Damage over time.
  • Improved Black Death:

    • Dealing damage to enemies applies a charge of Blackdeath, up to 5 charges. Each charge slows the target by 12%.
    • Charges passively deplete 1/second, if Cross has not damaged the target for 3 seconds.

Heckler Heckler

  • Fixed Homing Precision:

    • Fixed an issue that allowed multi-targeting of enemy targets.
    • Improved missile’s travel pattern.
  • Improved Hammer Rounds:

    • Improved Damage.
    • Can be triggered by Abilities and Weapon attacks.

Cinder Cinder

  • Improved Weapon Performance:

    • Improved Cover DPS; 300 > 350
  • Improved Acid Bomb:

    • Reduced Elemental Damage.
    • Improved Damage Boost; +20% > +50%

Razorback Razorback

  • Improved Stats & Growth Rate:

    • Reduced Defense Modifier; 4.9 > 4.1
    • Improved Offense Modifier; 0.9 > 1.2
    • Improved Elemental Offense Modifier; 0.7 > 1.0
    • Improved Health Stat: 5300 > 6500

Matador Matador

  • Improved Stats & Growth Rate:

    • Improved Elemental Offense Modifier; 0.6 > 1.5
    • Reduced Offense Modifier; 1.5 > 0.6
    • Improved Health Stat: 5100 > 5600

Beck Beck

  • Fixed Frag Grenade:

    • Fixing an issue that would cause the Skill to deal Base damage instead of Mechanical.

Nightengale_a Nightingale

  • Adjusted Heal Pulse/Heal Wave:

    • Increased Skill Cooldown Cost; 10 > 12

Odachi Odachi

  • Improved Assassination:

    • Enemies below 50% Health are Heal Blocked for the Duration.

Phoenix Phoenix

  • Improved Stats & Growth Rate:

    • Improved Offense Modifier; 1.2 > 1.35

Panzer Panzer

  • Adjusted Weapon Performance:

    • Reduce Weapon Spread Accuracy; 0.25-1.75 > 0.35-2.25
    • Adjusted Stats & Growth Rate:
    • Reduced Offense Modifier; 1.6 > 1.3

Maven Maven

  • Improved Vampiric Cloud:

    • Improved Elemental Damage per second.
    • Improved Heal %; 50% > 100%

Dogface Dogface

  • Adjusted Tracer Rounds:

    • Reduced Critical Chance; +20% > +10%
    • Reduced Critical Bonus.

Savage_a Savage

  • Improved Shredder:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Gammond Gammond

  • Improved Sheriff:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Clyde Clyde

  • Adjusted CrackShot:

    • Fixed Skill Description to display Critical Chance Boost.
    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Sapphyr Sapphyr

  • Improved Stalker:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Francis Françoise

  • Adjusted Guerrilla Warfare:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.
  • Faction changed:

    • The Watch > Peoples Guard

Sentry Sentry

  • Adjusted Scout Sentry:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Caine Caine

  • Adjusted Weak Point:

    • Improved Critical Bonus.

Halo Halo

  • Faction changed:

    • The Watch > Peoples Guard


I cannot wait to play PvP in a speed exploit free zone. Thankyou!!!

Wow, I wish I had more time to make a longer reply, but these changes look AMAZING.

Thank you devs, despite how long it’s taken, for rolling out some very well-thought-out changes. I love what I’m seeing so far and can’t wait to dive into it further in-game.

Great work!

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All i want is some Aussie rights

The next Coop Raid is for Wesson again. Is this a mistake or on purpose?

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Copy-Paste gone wrong I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Top stuff. Great to see my old pal Steele get some rework!

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Just saw that Anvil wil be avaliable from the PvP crate. So they really want to push us back in PvP and no mistake with the Wesson raid.

It will be Anvil. That will be fixed shortly.


Amazing update I can not wait to download yaa.

Awsome! Seems like a lot of work to readjust those skills and behavior, probably just what we all needed!!!

Thanks devs!!

I’m very excited about this update and I hope that it opens up a new world of options for PvP teams!

So I can finally go into PvP with my KLG boys and win? So PvP won’t be healer meta anymore? No min maxers leaking into Gauntlet?

Edit: wait a minute… I was pranked, epic style. I didn’t receive Anvil from the contest. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Edit 2: nvm thank you bomb bella, you are a god.

FInally some real changes to the armor situation (I hope, havent tested numbers yet). Was disappointed to see this though:

  • Adjusted Heal Pulse/Heal Wave:
    • Increased Skill Cooldown Cost; 10 > 12

It’s a start but there’s SO MUCH about Nightingale that makes her obscenely good and mandatory on a PVP team, this only scratches the surface.

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Almost missed this. She changed factions. Might have more in the future.

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Great changes especially to Night Panzer and Dogface. It will be fun to see whether the meta changes or not… but the Crit adjustments are making me very happy! MORE CRITS PLEASE!

So far I like the changes! I have already lost to a heavy crit combo using a meta team and it’s great! Losing feels like winning, seriously!

Gotta do something about Halo though, on AI she keeps hiding and it’s really difficult to get her if you are not piloting your team’s cover breaker.

We are also back to decently quick matches… this is great! Kill or be killed in 30-45 [Edit: let me revise this estimate, probably 45 secs to 1.15] seconds if no revives are in play, and roughly 30-50% longer if they are [and more, if both revivers in play]. :slight_smile:


A little notice for the devs
It a minor issue but needs to be reported

Halo on the left is people guards
And in her discription on the right is the watch

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Same goes for Fran, fyi

I’m excited for this! Thank you to the developers for making these changes!