New Hero: El Padre Macho

so design of this character is pretty simple. Basically a strong, macho priest in a luchador mask.

Weapon of choice: thinking either a Magnum or Desert Eagle. something a long the lines of being a steady shot that can do a bit of damage.

Bronze: “Holy Diver” throws an incendiary grenade at the enemy with a small percent to spread to the adjacent enemies.
Silver: “Body Slam” body slams a target. they get stunned. if other enemies are near the slam area, they take a fraction of the main target damage.
Gold: If outnumbered by enemy team, defense increases a bit.
Plat: “Vaya Con Dios” Attacks deal extra damage to enemies with health below 40%

Kinda thought of having him be more physical in some attacks, but who brings their fist to a gun fight. not this guy

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I can only think of the hero El Primo from Brawl Stars XD just google it you’ll see why

I was going more a long the lines of a soap opera character within the show King of The Hill. He appeared in several episodes and that was his catchphrase, “vaya con Dios” before he shoots the guy . It was only brief scenes throughout the run of the show. And a vengeful priest kicking ass is always cool

I think Matador in an Epic Luchador skin would be dope. I mean it’s a perfect application is perfect :joy:

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there was that “Cinco de Mayo” Mariachi outfit they had for display in a post of theres, but nothing else

I can only think of Nacho Libre whenever I read this.

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Lol that’s pretty funny

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