New hero concept “El Coyote”

El Coyote is a freelance smuggler who has thrived before and after Zero day. He hides face behind a bandana and works for anyone who pays. Whether you needs good or people smuggled makes no difference as long as the money is good. He’s made his mark by punishing those who have failed to pay.

Name: El Coyote
Position: frontline
Weapon: El Espejismo
Ammo: 13

Bronze skill: (Drop Pods) El Coyote calls in drop pods near 3 random allies and 3 random enemies. Allies that pick up crates receives 5 charges of body armor preventing 10% damage reduction per charge as well increase damage by X amount (last until next reload). Enemies that pick up drop pods will pick body armor with 5 charges that increase damage they receive by 10% as well decrease damage by X amount (last until next reload).

Silver skill: (Decoy) El Coyote hides all allies in cover except for himself making them invisible for 5 seconds. While allies are shrouded he his healed for X amount per second. The duration of the heal is further extended by 1 second per drop pods that is picked up by ally or foe while allies are shrouded.

Gold skill: (Uncanny reflexes) while Decoy is active El Coyote gains 30% to evade an attack. Each attack evaded causes a drop pod to land at the attacker. Uncanny reflexes last 1 second per 10 skills points and number of attacks that can be evaded per second is increase by 1 per 25 skill points.

Platinum skill: (Services Rendered) Every time a drop pod is picked up by ally or foe El Coyote gains 1 charge or Services Rendered. For every charge increase El Coyote’s armor by X amount and maximum health by X amount until the end of mission.


This is in the wrong section, it belongs in community art

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I really like his Bronze Ability. Very cool!

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A concept is still an idea.
I like him.
Next time follow the punctuation, I got confused several times while read it.

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