New hero : Headhuntress

Bio . Frontline shoots a automatic 3 shot arrow gun (brust) that holds 12 to 15 arrows

Skill bronze : fires 3 arrows at enemy cover that explodes after 3sec delay ,if no cover explodes on floor or ground damaging enemies nearby

Skill sliver : fires a arrow into the sky marking all enemies for 8 sec increasing damage by …Hothead control that. Any headshot deals…per second for 3 sec

Skill gold : gains attack damage and defense for any bio or chemical effects that are on feild…hothead control that too.

Skill plat : for any ally that drops below 35% health gains a shield for 3 sec and gain … health per second for 3 sec until shield ends.

I like the concept, though i think it would fit better as a hero concept under ‘community gallery’ or as a discussion for new hero abilities. If you really are into it, you could look into some other concepts and take it to the next step. With a backstory for example


Thanks been around for sec gotta learn hot to use this app better, would love the help

I can help you, just ask me anything in game :slight_smile: i’m mellow for if you didn’t know

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