Dread (Righteous Executioner)

This hero is basically Judge Dredd.
He must look like Dredd - but not too much, we don’t want Hothead Games to get sued.

Also he’s an expert marksman. Like Dredd. And he’s gonna be awesome. Pure damage dealer. Mech. Strong DPS. Fast as a shark.

BRONZE skill - Expert Marksman:
Dread takes a shot of that drug from the Dredd movie, you know, and will slow the enemy team down for 10 seconds, while Dread himself will gain 20% movement, fire rate and reload speed. He gains XXXX critical bonus and every third shot has a 50% chance to hit the target in the head (headshot).

SILVER skill - The Executioner:
Dread brings out the execution gun and shoots the target for dealing XXXXX damage.
For every kill performed by the target this skill gains a 10% chance judge the target to insta-death.

GOLD skill - Big Brother Is Watching You:
Dread never blinks. He doesn’t let anything pass undetected. He takes any opportunity there is to punish the bad guys.
While (at least) 1 enemy is receiving healing Dread will react by increasing his DPS with XXXX.

PLATINUM - One Of The Law:
Reviving a dead ally is now against the law. As soon as Dread notices an enemy trying to revive a dead comrade he will step in and stop the process. He will also punish the reviver with a slap in the face, dealing 10% of their remaning health (note: also your team can not use any revive skills while Dread is alive, he will however NOT punish a team member for attempting it).


Would you count this as your representation in the upcoming fanfic of mine or is this just for the sake of the concepts rising every day?
Just asking, not to be rude or anything.

I just want this hero to get so many hearts so that the developers will create it. He doesn’t have a backstory. :slight_smile:

Yea. Hope to see one of our creations actually making it into the official game. That would be dope

We do make a ton of them due to the hope that we get to be chosen. If that’s not the case, then why?

I actually made a hero concept once with the ability to drain the enemy’s magazine and a while later Min appeared with the ability to drain the enemy’s magazine. I am not sure if the devs got that idea from me or not but I chose to think so.

Hey. At least the devs are finally getting some ideas from our own creations. That theory of yours might actually be correct.

We all seek the hearts. Indeed, nothing would cheer my heart more than then adding my character Shiloh to the game. Although I bet the developers there have made 100+ characters that they would like to add tbh.

Would Dread prevent Gammond’s Last Stand?

how much old topic ressuretions are we going to see? its getting out of hand

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