Two new skills that game needs (imo)

To counter the rezz and Mandrake dominance or even frequency of encountering them. The game needs two new skills on two heroes.

Both gold or plat passive continous active. One preventing all rezzing and the other one preventing heroes from goimg into stealth.

It would probably require some other modifications as well.


Which Mandrake and rezz dominance?

Flatline is squishy and after Mandrakes rezz you can two shoot the revived opponents. As if for Mandrakes skill you can use mark to block it. And even if it kicks in you can still see and hit your opponent. Only the Ai is confused by it.

Cough Showtime and Silence skills cough


As Yosai suggests look into Ifrit and his Showtime skill. It will make invisible enemies visible again for several seconds.

I’d rather see a faster cool down on current stunners and silence skills.

And the only thing I want to see changes with Mandrake is the aim assist, that’s a bottleneck for me

Right? It’s gotten worse lately, huh, the terrible aim assist when someone goes invisible?

Yeah it makes you lose a match when you need 1 bullet to kill someone and somehow you target a wrong enemy and he gets healed

So I am the only one that thinks that there are to many Ifrit’s, Flatline’s and Mandrake’s arround?

I’d rather see new team compensitions added then remove the ones we have

Well those skills should be implemented so that they are not the default heroes. But they should make it risky to run Flatline, Ifrit, Mandrake, Nightghale, and Panzer or Dogface. Now this team is to safe to run with not enough counters outside roughly the same.

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