New hero skin should have a higher drop rate

I have opened a ton of crate and keep getting energies and mkI. Skin drop rate needs to increase. If people don’t get the skin after the skin event end, who know when the skin will be available again.

When you get the most wanted coin and get a token vault coin

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As Kyle said you can unlock Vault tokens, these are currently available in the Most Wanted crate and will likely be a reward in other future events. The Vault tokens can be used to open the Vault crates which have all the skins which cannot be crafted (the special event skins and holiday skins).

There is also a chance that these special skins will be in future holiday stores as they have been previously in the last few holidays of 2019. Don’t worry if you don’t unlock the skin, there are plenty of other good rewards in those crates and you will have other chances to get the skin :slight_smile:

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