Exclusive skins

Hi devs! At this moment we already have a lot skins which may don’t unlock anywhere – few skins from Scavenger Hunt and many skins from Razordomes/Urgent missions. So how players may grab this? You plan add this skins in Bounty Vault tokens or maybe even in regular skins crates? For example – if I don’t unlock new Scarecrow skin for Fiber where I may find this later?

There will be repeating events that will contain them. Like every easter hunt the skins from previous easters are available. Except for the butter angel skin probably

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There are also vaulted crates that are opened by vaulted coins, they contain every skin that you can’t currently get through nanodust or crates, however these tokens are very rare and I think I’ve only gotten them during Christmas out of some bug

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Not that it matters anymore (unless the Muerto skin becomes a plus skin) but ever since I missed the event where that skin was a reward, I’ve been looking for it in events since. It’s never been a reward since it’s debut. The same for lovestruck. All skins are not offered again

Check skin roster in crates again – a lot of them don’t include to anywhere. Pris Bunny, Scum Party, human Kunoichi rare skin, Yeager Back to Future, Dracula’s movie armor for Callidus, new love skin for Obrez, etc. Vault tokens include only exclusive skins for months heroes and few old celebration skins. Skins from Urgent Missions and Razordome with changed names don’t may obtain nowhere. Also many peoples say what devs remove exclusive skins for Forged Fantasy heroes from Forged Fantasy tokens.

These have only been added recently. Pris bunny skin was this easter. Halloween skins will be released on next scav hunts probably

Tbf that’s just a crate thing, the game doesn’t show that you can get heroes in gilded crates, or Beck frags in Gorgons crate either (until you’ve unlocked it). If the game doesn’t show the crate, it doesn’t show you can get stuff from there

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