Legendary and rare skins availability

Please devs make something about the skins availability! Refresh the vault crate or skin crate or just add them legendary skins and rare ones somewhere ,special offers maybe ? Anything… … make it easier for people to get them please …. Not everyone was able to get them all … talking about those “currently unavailable “ which lasts for ages already
… thx lol


Mythic skins should reenter the offers


They should put Vault Crate tokens in PVP tournament rewards and Event rewards. They’re harder to get than Most Wanted tokens, and I know they’re just skins, but the Plus skins give huge stat boosts.


I legit made an account just for this lmao.
I took a couple of breaks from the game in the last two-ish years and when I came back recently, all I see is that 80% of the blue and up skins are impossible to get and 7-8 of the heroes have never been added to any crate after their launch. What makes matters worse is that some of these heroes are very good. (e.g. Fiber)
Sorry for the rant here

Fiber skin is not in vault crate and mythic if missed is gone forever

You see, I forgot to state the mythic skins lol … they really should make some updates on those skins since they really make the difference in power

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