New Hero Teaser

It’s his game now. :smiling_imp: Do you want to play? :point_right: NEW Hero Trailer | Update - YouTube


Translation: Watch Out


Seems to have something to do with hacking and code, interesting, the red is dope dude. And the teaser from earlier shows the weapon slightly,

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Hey buddy, 4uck, Whyd you banned? Did you do anything, maybe it’s your username idk
(4uck is his username Im not swearing I say fouruck stop flagging)

Chatbanned cuz my friend put something bad in chat yesterday :person_facepalming: banned in discord for a while for no reason

Please add more information, thanks. The first guess is the next hero is female, second guess KLG Black Ops hero?

It’s stated that ‘He’ is named. Cyber (Source from Jado, more on that soon)

Where did jado get cyber from? Also hopefully they ain’t just a male fiber, hopefully he’s unique, hopefully a mech, and hopefully a dps,

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Just realized, then we will have cyber and fiber, dumb combo names if so, maybe malware? Or give fiber a mythic named malware and I’m happy,

The name is in the video description. Also this to thank by Jado

Hey bro can you tell hafiz to accept my discord friend request

There was a lote about it a while ago, may have been the raid dialogues. He works against min

Well hopefully he’s not too similar to the whole hacker and tech savy thing as min and fiber, also someone give fiber a mythic called malware, plz


I hope one of the abilities for hero. disables all the features of the opponent
This game needs a hero to make everyone angry

We had that for a time, it was capped stygia (a Verizon that’s still in the game is temporary lockdown for Alvarez)

Everything will be clear soon. What if the new hero is weak?

The name Cyber is public information. It was in the description of the YouTube video, on his Hero Trailer. This wasn’t something I just knew. Haha
It’s been like this since Valkyrie…. Not sure why people aren’t seeing it, but it’s their in the description if you look. :wink:

Why would they add another Everest, I mean kier I mean… uh oh

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Another combo names : Verill and Barell

And they’re lookalike… Lol…

As if they’re father and son

You forget about Hopperr, Laverr and their posh sister Davalerr. :sweat_smile: