Hero Spotlight: Cyber


Before Day Zero, Cyber was a teenage gamer. He enjoyed spending most of his time during the day playing games and reading comics, but by night he was secretly a hacker. Cracking games, stealing and re-selling personal information, even sabotaging AI controlled units was his way of making sure he could afford a lavish lifestyle. Making connections with a lot of shady individuals along the way, he was the best guy to go to if you wanted something done in the virtual world.

Unfortunately, while he was very popular in the virtual world, the same could not be said about his life away from the monitors. Most people that knew him viewed him as a weird outcast, and he was constantly mocked for his frailty and secluded lifestyle. His escape from these hardships were the virtual worlds he played in. He always dreamed of being like the “cool” characters everyone liked in the games he played.

Day Zero. This was the chance he needed to change his life. With the help of many shady contacts, he spent all his fortune to “upgrade” himself and get rid of his frail body. To enhance himself, he bought state of the art military technology, sold on the black market. He integrated his hacking tools inside his artificial body, so that he could do what he’s good at on the go and survive the rapidly changing world.

Cyber thrived in the post-apocalyptic world and grew in popularity. This newfound fame caught the attention of Kurtz. Cyber was recruited to the KLG, promised state of the art upgrades and undying popularity…. everything that he had ever wanted.

Faction: KLG Black Ops

Element: Mech

Cyber is the newest 5* Hero to join the battle.

A criminal cyborg hacker with a weird and unstable personality that no one wants to encounter as an enemy.


Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Cyber unleashes an area attack towards his enemies. Targets caught in the blast receive Elemental Damage per second and are Silenced and Heal blocked for a duration of seconds.

If the affected hero has a shield, the shield gets disabled immediately, and the enemy receives Elemental Damage


Silver Skill - Active Ability

Cyber targets an enemy, dealing Elemental Damage to them. If Cyber is buffed by “Reroute”, this skill does an additional Elemental Damage.

This skill targets an additional enemy for each “Reroute” stack, but all accumulated stacks of the buff are removed after this ability is used.

The additional damage of this skill is greatly empowered against Energy Heroes but greatly weakened against Biochem Heroes.

Firewall Cracker

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

If this hero disables an enemy shield with a normal attack or an ability, they Stun the enemy for a duration of seconds.

Additionally, each time an enemy shield on the battlefield is disabled, this hero receives “Reroute” which improves Cyber’s weapon fire rate by a percentage and his reload speed by percentage for a duration of seconds. These bonuses can stack up to 4 times. Each new stack refreshes the duration of all stacks.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

Every time a new enemy shield is activated, the cooldown of DDoS is recharged by a percentage.

Additionally, every time the hero loses a “Reroute” stack, the hero increases his Attack Damage by 4% for the remainder of the match.
This damage increase can stack up to 15 times

Doing Damage

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.

How can I get Cyber?

Cyber will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


like the move set. cant wait to see them in action


Can’t wait to see them in action

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Alr I he’s a serial style mech, I’m maxing him completely, LETS GO PPL, told y’all it was a mech!

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A mech :smiley:

Hopefully he will be a versatile hero and just as good as Serial, Fiber, Verill and Stygia :smiley:

That kind of “good” to the level : “there will be a thread that demands him to be nerf down” :rofl:

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The shield no longer works. The amount of damage should be seen. I think a new challenge is coming

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J’ai hâte de voir ça beau travail DECA

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it’s Kaishi but with anime trauma white hairs and better


Mechs don’t need nerfs, just buffs, #BUFFCLYDE

Look like the counter for fiber

Looks like an awesome hero with amazing look and amazing story but his most skills are based on enemy shield. It’s why I am bit concerned. So I am waiting to see his real gameplay.

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Awesome design. Really. Cyber Dante from DMC. And +1 hero who may break shields it’s pretty cool too. But for all others… Kaishi also look great on paper. And this don’t help him. Need testing.

DECA, if it’s possible then remove this shield thing from his skills. It will ruin him. He may be better against shielded heroes but not against unshielded enemies against which we play often in events. It will be good to keep this shield thing in his one skill but don’t put this in all three skills. He is awesome hero. Please fix it if it’s possible.

@bulls.eye looks awesome!! Can you also unlock Ruby 7 with new update. The feature is already built into the game it just needs to be opened up.

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This is his strength, his counter is no sheilds, there, don’t fix anything, he looks fine as is,

Hey. Update features get planned early in advance and then get implemented with a lot of testing. We’re not able to make changes to the update now but we can definitely keep your suggestion in mind for the future.

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What is the ‘Reroute’ that mentioned in Cyber’s skills?

How can Cyber activate this skill?

Either gold or plat go read above in the forum post

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Check his Gold skill

Ah… I see…

I missread…