New Idea Concept: Extreme Heroes

This idea came to me while playing in the extreme levels.
And I was thinking, “damn, if I get stuck at 1-8 I can’t imagine 5-6” which I also heard from some people complaining about the difficulty.
Then i saw, out of 102 heroes it’s not possible that only a couple of them are suitable for extreme levels and i asked myself why not create 3 heroes made just for them? above all survival and higher levels (imagine 13-10 and 14-10 extreme).

What are these extreme heroes?

they are 3 heroes made only and exclusively for extreme levels, because i designed them to be voluntarily OP and use them in PvP or Coop would completely destroy matchmaking.
Originally it was supposed to be just one that encompassed the pure power of a DPS, Tank and Healer.

How will they be used?

I have four ideas about this.

  1. The player can make his own team + an extreme hero of his choice. (5+1 extra)
  2. The player can choose one of the heroes and build a support team with it. (4 basic + 1 extreme)
  3. the game assigns one automatically based on the type of mission or team composition.
  4. only the game decides where, when and who to use.

Using all three at once would have taken away the strategic value

How will they unlock?

i have a few ideas here too.
They can be unlocked through normal raids or patrol crates; extreme boss levels or during the campaign… I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.

GLADIOR - Extreme Combat Robot

Element: Mech
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 5/5
Skills 4/5

Robotic Gladiator - Extreme Destructive Abilities - Pure DPS

  • A heavily armed autonomous robot, designed for large-scale combat or extreme survival.
  • The “Gladiator” command has been incorporated into his AI, making him a fighter to the death and extremely dangerous if left to his own devices for long periods of time.
  • He is extraordinarily fast for his size, being able to turn any situation around.

Bronze: Explosive Carpet - fires as many grenades as there are enemies on the field.
Each grenade does X normal damage and reduces the armour of affected enemies by 70% until they die.

Silver: Eruption - sets fire to all enemy lines starting from the front line.
All affected enemies take X damage immediately and set their area on fire, suffering X more damage per second for 10 seconds.

  • The fire has a 25% chance every second to spread to other areas with or without enemies.

Gold: New Challenger - for each enemy on the field, the hero gets a charge of [New Challenger].
For each charge, the hero increases his attack by 50% and reduces his damage by 25%.

  • The hero can get up to 20 charges and will lose one charge for each eliminated enemy.
  • [New Challenger] will NOT be activated in PvP or Coop PvP mode.

Platinum: I AM Your Opponent - when an ally suffers projectile damage, the hero will inflict damage equal to that projectile on all enemies in his field of vision and provoke them for 1sec.

  • [I AM Your Opponent] will NOT be activated in PvP or Coop PvP mode

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a medium-sized robot.
The armour is completely ivory white; the neck, arms, trunk and legs are dark grey; the triangle in the middle and the two decorations on the sides are pure orange.

this is just the concept design

His Weapon: Heavy BattleRifle GLADIATOR
a huge, almost completely black battle rifle with an ivory-white body and orange decorations.
It has a good rate of fire, a fast reload and high damage, but lacks accuracy in continuous automatic fire and has little ammunition.

Class: Rifle
Shooting Rate: 6.89
Ammunition Capacity: 20
Damage: Heavy

HAMMER - Extreme Defensive Robot

Element. Energy
Position: Frontline

Hp 5/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 3/5

Robotic Defender - Extreme Shield Dispenser - Pure Tank

  • A unique autonomous robot.
  • Heavily armoured and equipped with the latest generation of shield dispensers, designed primarily for survival missions.
  • Its AI includes the “Protector” command, making it the perfect vanguard in extreme situations.

Bronze: Energetic Hammering - hammers the ground causing X damage to all enemies in a large conical area causing stun to those closest and disorientation to those furthest away.

  • The closer the enemies are to the hero, the more damage they will take from the hammering.

Silver: Pulse Barrier - erects a frontal barrier that will absorb up to X damage.
The barrier has a second action that will absorb the health of enemy shields to extend its duration.

Gold: Shield Dispenser - during the whole game, the hero will charge a battery, which at 100% will give a shield to all allies.
Every time an ally without a shield takes damage, the waiting time is reduced by 0.2sec.
The battery takes 20sec to recharge, each shield lasts until destruction, receiving additional shields will increase the health of the main shield.

  • [Shield Dispenser] will NOT activate in PvP or Coop PvP mode.

Platinum: Shield of Salvation - the hero throws a shield at the dying ally.
The shield will slowly wear away, giving health to the ally.
If the ally regains 100% health and still has the shield, it will return to the hero.
[Shield of Salvation] reduces the charge of [Shield Dispenser] by 20%.
[Salvation Shield] will NOT activate in PvP or Coop PvP mode.

Ruby: Tanked Up

Appearance: is a large, broad and stocky robot.
The armour is completely dark blue; the torso, arms, legs and neck are dark grey; the central symbol depicts a shield and together with the decorations is in electric blue.

This is just the concept design

His Weapon: Heavy Shotgun HAMMER
is a very large, almost completely black rifle with a dark blue body.
It is not very powerful and the spread of the rose is very wide, but it has a medium rate, a fast reload and a good number of ammunition.

Class: Shotgun
Shooting Rate: 4.89
Ammunition Capacity: 12
Damage: Very Low

QURE - Extreme Medical Robot

Element: Bio
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 5/5

Robotic Medic - Extreme Medical Abilities - Pure Medic

  • Unique super-lightweight autonomous robot designed for immediate first aid.
  • The “Curator” command has been included in its AI, making it the perfect example of a medical drone knowing all medical procedures, practices and knowledge combined with mechanical efficiency.
  • It has no offensive abilities, but its fast and precise healing abilities ensure victory in extreme situations.

Bronze: Healing Pulse - generates a healing wave that heals all allies with X health over time for 10sec.
The ally with the most health will gain Invincibility and provoke the enemy for 5sec.

Silver: First Aid - throws darts at all allies on the field and connects them.
When an ally suffers damage, a part of it is stored by the hero until X energy is reached or for 8 seconds.
Once the limit is reached, the hero will explode a nova that will heal the allies partially and the rest will be subtracted from the total health of the enemies for 8sec.

Gold: Peace Maker - all allies will receive a Peace Maker that will accumulate all unused health.
When an ally is below 20% health, the Peace Maker will be activated and use up all of the accumulated energy.

  • A Peace Maker can accumulate up to X unused health
  • [Peace Maker] will NOT activate in PvP or Coop PvP mods.

Platinum: Medical Efficency - now the darts of [First Aid] will also be shot at the enemies increasing the efficiency of the skill.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: it is a much smaller robot than the others.
his armor is completely teal; neck, trunk and arms are light gray; the symbol and decorations are emerald green.
compared to GLADIOR and HAMMER, QURE has no legs but a trust that keeps it in the air

Just the concept design

His Weapon: Heavy Pistol QURE
it is an all-black “big” gun, dark green body and lighter green decorations.
it is not very powerful but it has a lot of ammunition, it is fast in reloading and in rate and it is very precise

Class: Pistols
Shooting Rate: 8.89
Ammunition Capacity: 21
Damage: Very Low

Alternative Skills


Gold: Disruptive Impulse - once [Pulse Barrier] reaches its limit, it will disappear creating a pulse that will hit all enemies and prevent them from receiving shields for the next 10s.
If the barrier has absorbed health from other shields, all allies will receive a shield with the same amount of absorbed energy.


Gold: To Health - shoots darts at all enemies on the field and connects them to itself.
Each dart subtracts health from the target and recycles it to the hero until X health is reached.
Once the limit is reached, the hero will shoot a super concentrated sphere of energy that will cause damage equal to the health accumulated previously.

  • Some of the accumulated energy will heal allies over time.

Platinum: Necromancy - forces the last enemy eliminated to be resurrected by afflicting him with Provocation.
Whatever projectile damage the enemy suffers heals health equal to the ally’s damage.
The enemy cannot react.

Keep in mind that all this is just a concept.
If one day there are extreme heroes… fine, but I’m not involved.


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