Required Heroes to beat Extreme

Can we get an updated list of good heroes to beat Extreme in campaign.

@Robert_Pronk replied to an earlier post regarding this, be good if we get a revised standpoint from everyone.

From my current experience in extreme the following heroes are very effective in clearing any district. I will put them in order from that as well.
Fiber - Serial - Quasary - Voltage - Nyx(if you have Fiber) - Irezumi - Verrill - Bypass - Ursus.
I have also found use in Icebox and i see potential in Disaray in further missions since he can safely negate skills.
Now, Zumi, Bypass and Verrill are all good damage options. The reason why i recommend those are because dead enemies are no threat. So naturally, killing them instantly proves a lot more worth than just tanking their damage.
The rest seems fairly explanatory, but just in case; they’re the general risk free choices of completely negating the damage aspect, which is the largest threat ofcourse.
The perfect extreme team in my eyes seems to be 3 peeps who can negate their damage, 1 who can negate their skills, and when enemies will have their skills anyway, 2 high dps heroes

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Appreciate the swift response Mellow, just a recap from the earlier, similar post, the list was:
With now the addition of

This is just my recap.

I’ll try to insert the link for that older topic as soon as I find it for everyone’s reference.

Thanks again Robert

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Link here

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Gladly! I would also like to confirm that Disaray is very much viable for later extreme! I used him in district 10 and he was amazing! He ensures i can refill my skills super quickly and improves the flow, and on addition he gives HP to my team which boosts survivability.

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