New legendary skin

Here’s my personal take on a legendary skin for our beloved godlante. Hope you like it.

Skin name: Industrial Grade
Ability change: silver. And by extension gold.

New ability: “fusion drill charge”- galante lunges forward dealing X damage to the opponent, gaining a shield charge double the damage dealt. And setting the enemy on fire with a 50% chance to spread the fire from enemy to enemy. Fire lasts 20 seconds or until enemy death, whichever is sooner.

Gold change: instead of dealing area damage, set the enemies cover on fire. For charge only, still fire explosive rounds. Fire lasts till the cover is destroyed.


I love it! Godlante needs more skins to flex on the other heroes!


That for real looks really cool. Would love to ses that in game <3

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Did you draw these yourself?

It’s done over the official concept art for galante, with some modifications.

I really like it and what you have done. We are in need of a new legendary skin.