New Mode or A Top Down Shooter game based on current Heroes of this game

How do you think about a new game based on all Heroes of this game or just a new Mode

  • Top Down Shooter/Twin stick shooter style game
  • 3 vs 3 PVP, 5 vs 5 PVP, co-op raid
  • Keep Elemental counter (Biochem, Energy, Mech)
  • Skin and Item will add small damage/armor… to hero

I think it will be great! :smiley:


A Clash Royale-esque game mode would be so cool!

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Definitely would love to see these characters more around. Kind of what they did to FF. Where you have them in multiple games.

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Not sure if I’m in agreement with the 3 on 3 or the 5 on 5 pvp.

To me it would be better to keep the
co-op-pvp but allow each player have five heros instead of just two on each.

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