Possible better pvp option

Just a suggestion, how about pvp with a co op twist, like you and an alliance partner maybe three players a piece and battle it out against other alliances?

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Was brought up about 10 times before…

This suggestion is as old as 2018

Jesus Christ I just join the community. How about a little understanding. I didn’t know these things have been brought up before.

Don’t worry bout it. Some people jump the gun too quick sometimes. There are too many jerks that do nothing about complain, so people get on edge.

But you could have used the search function and there is no need to open two threats with the same topic.

@Smokinmath Hi. Not gonna butt heads with you here, but here’s a part of the forum’s Rules & Guidelines:

If there’s something you (or anyone) want to talk about or suggest, use the Search function to see if it has already been mentioned. That goes for ANYONE that is interested in creating a new topic. It keeps things tidy, avoids duplicate topics, helps you find others with the same interests, and makes sure new topics are actually new :slight_smile:

I love this idea, and I posted a thread about it long time ago.
but at the moment we have some serious problems that need to be fixed, trust me, developers are so lazy.

dont worry about it, but they will make you leave with their disgusting attitude.

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