Feedback and Reflections on Kobold and the last 2 Patriots Bounties

So we have finally ended the Patriots Bounties. Onward to People’s Guard.

For many, including members of my alliance (we are a successful one), the 2 Patriots Bounties were somewhat frustrating to play. There were simply too many mech bounties. It seemed like the devs’ thinking was that, since Kobold is a bio hero, there ought to be more mech spawns to benefit from elemental advantage.

Unfortunately this did not work out in real life.

(I) Kobold’s Flaws (as a Bounty Hero)

For one, Kobold’s damage output is poor. Despite the increased bonuses that featured heroes get, Kobold could hardly carry a team into battle.

  • At plat 8 star, I frequently got around 7+/8+ million damage from Kobold, piloting her manually.
  • If the bounty target came with stun minions she would deal even less damage because you would either have to waste time clearing out the minions first, or risk having them stun you in the course of the bounty. Both are lose-lose situations.
  • Piloting her on auto is even worse because she spends too much time casting her skills which are useless in bounty.
  • Overall she is not a very enjoyable bounty hero to play since she is comparatively weak (and as the community has covered before, bounty is fun because we love high-damage bounty heroes).

To make things worse, Kobold didn’t get ANY support from her other Patriots faction heroes because all of them are energy heroes and therefore the additional mech bounties were the anti-element of the other DPS Patriots (especially Sapphyre and Fortress). Basically, Kobold had zero synergy with her faction.

As a result, of the above, Mech bounties did not clear easily and tended to accumulate. It was a bit of a chore to clear them up.

In contrast, because there were so many other Patriots using energy element with bonuses, bio (and to a lessser extent, energy) bounties could be cleared REALLY QUICKLY.

All the above factors contributed, in my view, to Kobold being a poor bounty hero.

(II) Actually, Kobold could and should have been better!

In my view, there were a few ways Kobold could and should have been a better bounty hero.

First, and most obviously, if she were released as a mech. It would have promoted synergy with her faction rather than, as was the case here, anti-synergy.

It would also have been different, if Kobold was a high-damage bio who could carry a bounty team on her own. It would not have made the increased mech spawn rate to be such a nightmare.

And Kobold was also a poor fit for Patriots. If she was released in any other faction she would have fared better because she would have gotten some support from other heroes of the same elemental typing.

Lastly, be that as it may, since Kobold was released as a non-dps bio hero, HHG should not have given more elemental weightage to mech bounties for spawning purposes. The bounty spawn rate ought to have been equal between all 3 elements to take into account the fact that Kobold just isn’t good at clearing bounties and did not synergise with any other Patriots.

It is not the case that support heroes automatically suck in bounty. Min, Wesson Kobold enjoyed reasonable bounty success because they were released in the right faction and in the right element. All that needs to be done is to pay attention to these details.

(III) People’s Guard Bounty Next

It looks like Kaishi will be a bio hero in People’s Guard. We don’t expect the same problems here for the next PG bounties because

  • Kaishi seems to be a DPS hero
  • People’s Guard has Mauler and Francoise who are also biochem and it would not be a disaster to have increased mech spawns to take advantage of Kaishi’s elemental typing because Mauler and Francoise can help out
  • People’s Guard has tri-elemental heroes (Savage, Castellan and Ronin) and hence all bounties are covered regardless of the element.

(IV) Conclusion - lesson learned

Bounties are an important feature of the game and enjoyed by MANY. HHG must calibrate each newly released hero not only for PVP balance purposes but also from the bounty hero perspective.

In my view, the devs didn’t do a great job for Kobold (as a bounty hero) but as long as the lessons are learned and these considerations are thought through the next time round, things will be fine.

Thanks for reading this far! By the way if you agree with the points, do make a reply to say so otherwise the devs might think it’s no big deal. (And I really, really don’t want a similar situation to happen again, so let us as a community get together to feedback these things).

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While I agree with most of your points there are two I do not agree on

This happened at the second bounty. The spawn rate was about equal for all three elements. What caused so many Mechs to be left is that they made the bountys much stronger. 75% of the bountys were Plat +2 or higher, which is really nice if you have bonus heroes to go against. Your energy patriots heroes could put out some damage and do not overkill every opponent by far. Since you had five of them you could one shot the energys too. But then there were the mech bountys. If you went against a plat+5 mech bounty you often needed all three lives of Kobold and your main Bio damage dealers. So you killed one of these and if you are willing to do the effort you may could kill a second one combining the rest of you Bio heroes and some Mechs.
In prior bountys you barley had heroes above Plat+2, so even not featured heroes did decent damage on them. Against a Plat +5 they struggled to survive. The opponent tends to focus on one of your heroes and if you go in with a damage dealer against a much stronger damage dealer plus the Minions, you had to give him good support to survive. And as we all know, support heroes are only doing okay or even bad in damage, which lowered the team damage even more.
What I want to point out is, that because of the higher levels of the bountys, without a balanced fraction, you ended up killing three Bio/Energy with one reset, while just killing one Mech. That made the Mechs accumulate quickly, because not everyone has the time to kill of the Mechs with 5-10 millon per attack, after Kobold is down. I often went with my Energy Patriots for them, because they provided the most damage and you somehow had to get rid of them.

New heroes do not need to do good in bounty, because the only heroes that are really good in bounty are damage dealers. Kobold is a well balanced hero and does good in PvP and PvE. And Bio was a good fit for her skill set, a Mech hero with this skill set would have been weird and not fiitting in my opinion.
But if they release a hero that is not a damage dealer he needs some support from a second hero with the same element inside the fraction.

My conclusion would be that we need more balanced frations, or, if it is an unbalanced fraction, the spawns should be adapted to that.
Another way would be to make the bountys weaker again, but that would make many of the high-end player rush through them to easy, which would kill the fun for them. And you would need to use more cach for spawning again, since with the stronger bountys there were less killed and therefore less new ones needed.


Nice points Walle I forgot to cover the increased strength point which made it worse for Kobold and mech bounties too.

But I did think that generally there were slightly more mech vs other element spawns, and I tracked my alliance spawn results pretty closely. Our alliances are fairly comparable too.

I honestly did not really track it, just looked through the spawns from time to time and it looked better than the first bounty.
Just took a look at the spawns that are still visible and you are right, there are more Mech bountys. It improved since the last bounty, but still unequal.

i agree with this. waaaaay too many mech bounties like it was insane. I also feel like maybe the summon bounty can be tweaked a bit, like maybe you can choose the element you want to summon. At least in my alliance we barely had any bio chem bounties so I had to use the 5 power heroes on random bounties

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