New pvp matching system is ridiculous

I don’t know it happens to me or everybody…

Everytime I enter into PVP game, it always founding opponent with higher loadout then me.

I not understand Why this happen but it really frustrate me…

Since I updated game to new version, I have not get any single match in which I have higher loadout then my opponent.

Developer you need to solve this.

HA! 2K Power difference is nothing!

Look at this!

But seriously though, that is completely normal. A 2k power difference almost no problem at all. I’ve beat teams while down 15k power, it’s not that big of a deal. It is a very small margin to beat and has little to no effect on the match.

And also, I would like to point out that in almost all of your matches, you are using a technique known as min/maxing. Min/maxing has been noted by the devs to be heavily slammed and punished in the last update. You should figure out more on the topic before you waste more pvp lives, as almost all of your matches include some form of sandbagging or min/maxing, which may cause the power difference you are complaining about.

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I agree with you, I do not understand why they do min / max and then they complain that they touch the enemy teams with more power, that’s very childish.

Your problem is * difference and metal types, that’s why you get a harder opponent when you have to much difference between the heros

Not to mention he won 13 of the 15 matches he posted.

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