New PVP Suggestion: Mirror Drafting


Good day guys.

Hi devs, I have something to suggest. Since there was a PVP gameplay called PVP Drafting. And i see, some players chose the same team depends on what grade displays. Now (evil laugh) wants to mess this up. I called this mirror draft because i want both players will have the same heroes. Now whats on about the draft thingy? Ok. Both players will enter the drafting area,

One of the Hero slot is to be set automatically and randomly choose a hero. Thus, the 4 remaining slots will chosen by both players. The Sequence of hero choosing will change randomly.
For any instance:

  • SYSTEM | Player 1 | Player 2 | Player 1 | Player 2
  • Player 1 | Player 2 | SYSTEM | Player 1 | Player 2
  • Player 1 | Player 2 | Player 1 | Player 2 | SYSTEM
  • Player 1 | Player 1 | SYSTEM | Player 2 | Player 2
  • etc.

I have three different suggestion.

1. Same Grade battle

All heroes will be present and all heroes has the same grade and bars. Same as the current PVP drafting.

2. Different Grades

All heroes have different Grades. Some are Plat. Some are Gold. Some are Bronze. This may sound dull but who knows you want want to mess up the battle with carrying low heroes and try to win. Just to challenge you.

And lastly. . .

3. Different Grades but almost same power level.

Yes. Almost same power level. This may sound weird because these kind of idea needs a careful build up of the codes and right algorithm.

Suggestion for algorithm

But i have a kind of suggestion, not sure how hard the coding though.
Here are the variables.
HeroLevel = 1-90 //Maximum Hero Level
Star = 1-10 //Stat level
Grade = 1-5 //Grades-Green,Bronze,Silver,Gold,Plat
S1 = 1-90 // bronze skill
S2 = 1-90 // silver skill
S3 = 1-90 // gold skill
S4 = 1-90 // plat skill

  1. Declare the expected power level or range //17000 -17500
  2. Declare the star level as 1 //initialize
  3. Declare the maximum hero level
  4. Check the remaining power level
  5. Declare Grade Level //randomly
  6. Check the remaining power level
  7. Set skill upgrade according to grade level thru percentage
  8. If expected power level didn’t reach, adjust star level.

//not sure if the algorithm is correct, but that’s what on my mind. You can say anything about this to me. ^_^.

I thought of this kind of gameplay as what strategy can be done since your hero is limited to something (e.g. Green grade but high level and low stars, Plat grade, all level 1 skills but high level). Not sure if anyone has tried going to plat without upgrading the skills, only keep on leveling up. But i want to see this way though on how the battle moves.

So that’s all i can say to this. :slight_smile:

This looks like an extra game mode! Like the topic you already have going. Please remember what we talked about.

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