PvP Drafting - Event Update

Hey Hunters! With PvP Drafting on its way soon, we wanted to share the upcoming PvP Draft Brawl dates and pick rotations!

October 05th - :one: : :one: : :one: : :one: : :one:

October 11th - :three: : :two:

October 19th - :two: : :two: : :one:

We’d love to hear about your experiences and Hero strategies with these upcoming PvP Draft pick rotations! Share which pick rotation works the best and why! We’ll take your feedback into consideration for future PvP Draft Brawls.

Happy Hunting!


i can already see tat 2:2:1 ratio will be the best

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Um - is this an American thing? What on earth is a draft. Cold beer?


Hate to pour cold water over the drafting system. It frankly will not solve any min/max issue. Every other PVP match is against a min/maxer and min/maxers team 9/10 times are more power than a balanced team …

Ya, I am failing to see how this is going to help much at all without sweeping balances to other heroes. We need the next role warefare update to go with it.

As it stands everyone will just pick the same 2 DPS as long as they can (Dog and Panzer), and then the same healers/support (Drake/Night/Caine/Ifrit/Flatline/Heimlock). I could care less who my opponent picks, that team hands down beats, or at worse is on even footing with anything else out there.

Agree wholeheartedly, it’s easy to spot the meta. Even than I have my default tier 1 team regardless of the hero my opponent picks.

@Deathleech 100% agreed, we have a lot of heroes that needs to be reworks

@Cool_hand and for the min/maxers, iy might be works depend on matchmaking system
based on what the 2 players could be matched?
is it the power of 5 top heroes which available?
if yes, then the player with top 5 heroes could be fighting against the player with non-top5 heroes (min/maxing) which is i believe put them in disadvantage
to be fair, we still need to see how it goes first

draft should have a pick and ban (my game has not updated so I dont know) Since people talk about dog face and panzer being the main DPS have a ban phase before hero start and you can choose to ban three heroes from match on each side, so 6 heroes can be taken out of your PVP match and then you can do the drafting system implemented

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I must say I like this draft, min maxing is taken care of and we can’t complain about anyone leading the score board.

Only thing I don’t like is it that we don’t receive pvp gems and a win for the pvp crate


Min/max is taken care of but it’s still a heal/rev and 1 or 2 op driven system. The heal/revive is still out of control. See a lot of teams with flatline, hemlock, ifrit, nightingale and panzer so not much has changed

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Ifrit is useless without his Platinum skill.
I kinda like playing without Platinum skills. Maybe it’s the Platinum skills that are the big problem - some of them are amazing while veeery maaaany are just pure poop. Here’s the crack in the balance.


this is admittedly a minority opinion, but the only part of that I didn’t like was the immortal characters. They should have had hearts and they should have become unavailable through attrition, because that is the only thing driving what little team diversity we have. There is 1 team configuration, burst+support, which, all things equal, is a good counter for everything, and has no specific counter against it. A handful of players waited until the last draft to put in dogface thinking they were clever, but realistically, there is no reason to leave him out unless he dies.

Among my alliance mates, at least 1 other person liked the event; however, other opinions were overwhelmingly negative. In at least one case, the lack of attrition was the only thing this other player did like. As much as I would like to take a few more cracks at it, it would seem that something will have to change to satisfy many players.

The attrition is in the honor (points) that we earn of loss from each match. No doubt the draft event normalised all heroes to default grade and level; which eliminated min/max.

Two teams may run the same set of heroes or meta does not guarantee a win. At the end of the day is the skill of the player that counts more than anything. That is the refreshing part.

Downside is the lack of gem gain from each match and the win crates, Which result in motivation to participation.

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Note that the min-maxers (Jeff, Forceful) are still at the top when competing with all unfair advantages removed; they are really good players with their drafting and mechanical skills and would kick your bottoms with or without min-max.

It’s also about whether if an individual spends more time on it than others. We each have different priorities.

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If hearts will be added we will see more diverse teams, right now we just play the same team over and over, without that it will cost to much gold

Loved the new drafting shenanigans - haven’t bothered reading all the comments so apologies if a repeat.

But why can we not see the leaderboard within our alliance for these things? That was good to see who was active etc…

ohhh. So you already thought about the 3x2 and 2x2x1 selection. I think the 3x2 would be the best time saver. Can we get presets? or maybe remember our last selection like regular pvp so we’ll just confirm confirm confirm.

If you track the top 20 hero winners and random ban usage 3 of them for each match, it would increase diversity.

Just noticed a problem with the Draft in general. Since the heroes are set in the order you choose them, the tactical elemnt of choosing which hero is in which line is taken out. You either have to play a pre set team to get everyone to start in the line you want him to, or you may have a squishy backline hero in the middle line, instead of one with higher HP.


I have only three words to say: random team composition!