💡 new ride "survival"

Hello. I have long wanted to propose a new regime. Daily quest similar to Gorgon.
This is JOINT SURVIVAL. :handshake:
The task involves two players. Players have three heroes each. A new enemy constantly appears on the map, each next enemy will be stronger than the previous one. This mission will never end. It ends when the players die. Players receive a reward for the time they have stood against the enemy. The longer the players fought, the greater the reward. Since this mission is joint, it is imperative to limit attempts. To prevent players from feeding on other accounts.

How do you like my idea? :relaxed: I hope I have explained it clearly, because I am Russian-speaking and I use a translator.


I like it a lot. I’m a huge fan of survival gamemodes myself. And additional gamemodes mean more playtime in this game. Which is beneficial for both sides😃


Perhaps, like, Co Op Min’s Simulator?

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A min simulator with continuous boss waves looks :cool::bangbang:

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No. not exactly like the simulator Min. And I want to emphasize this. because in the Ming simulator, the second wave will not come until you kill the first. but I think it will be cool as in a normal company, on a mission where you have to survive. so that the flow of the enemy was with small pauses. It’s hardcore bro. it is a fusion of the Ming simulator, the Gorgon and the survival mission in the company.

So it’s like min sim but with a friend. And get the right combo and you can just go on for a long while. Like when Ghastly made it past level 1k in min sim.

just go on for a long time? simply? I see you have no experience with this. I have nothing to say

Let’s see if I’ve understand.
Basically it’s an endless coop bounty min simulator?

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Or, maybe it’s all the combination between : the endless troops in the survivor mission, plus gorgon and also bosses? But this time, we will do this via Co Op…
Btw, we could add 2 or 3 helios too…

If this could be happened, I wish we can use 5 heroes at once for the Co Op…

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Yes. you absolutely understand.

from the Ming simulator, I only take infinity. From the campaign we take a constant, unusual replenishment of the enemy. From the Gorgon we take the opportunity to play together.

I’m sure the chat will explode in the search for partners for this raid. Players will be looking for a strong partner to advance further. And wait for the next day to try again. All these Gorgons and Dojo are already tired of everyone. The game needs a new breath, in the form of a new daily raid.

Game is slowly diying, peoples mass leaves, so another game mode based on co-op searching it’s very bad idea. Hero Hunters need new solo game modes and rework of current ones. Majority of modern mobile games use Daily Boss Fight system instead boring raids. Each one-two days appear a boss from Boss Pool (5-7 bosses total) which need heroes of fixed factions or classes. And players try get maximum damage (boss is immortal) in limited time. This is fun and force players search of new combinations and work with various heroes in roster. All players results spread between ladders with various groups based on overall power of players account (like in Alliance War but for solo).

P.S. New «regime», lol. Your Google Translate are broken? XD


I like the idea of new content . But when HH adds new content old contend gets glitches or was never fully issue free and it is never taken care of. I would like to see the game as is repaired and smoothed out ,befor new things are added.


Would there be bosses after certain waves :question:

The rewards could be based off of the boss you made it to.

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yes, it will be cool…

Just like raids we can have solo survival and co-op survival mode


They should have an endless zombie mode for Halloween where the goal, like the original poster says, is to survive as long as possible. Survival mode is already in certain single player campaign. The zombie don’t shoot back, but their #s’ are huge and endless. Put that on a large map and boom.