Survival mode

Survival mode no stamina need more rewards get better the longer you survive

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It’s a nice idea. “Survival” is a very broad term however, can you give some more detail on the idea?

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I think when most people say survival mode it’s the same as horde mode. Basically endless enemies spawn in waves with each subsequent wave being more powerful than the previous one. You keep fighting till you finally get overrun and lose all your heroes. Rewards are based on what wave you reach.

Would definitely be fun!

Building on this, it would be easy to implement without stamina as a raid type event. Give “x” amount of chances to play survival each day and when they are exhausted, you wait for the daily/hourly refresh (whatever it may be).

And to have both co-op and solo editions? Sooooo good.

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@Huginn In Survival Mode, players must fend off waves of A.I controlled enemies and can either be multiplayer or single player. The waves are semi-random with certain waves predetermined, while others contain increasingly large and powerful contingents of forces such that in the later stages of the game, players can expect to face multiple high-leveled bosses, drones strapped with C4, and enemy air support simultaneously.

In this game mode, a special currency is awarded whose amount is dependent on damage contribution, wave level achieved, and length of time survived per match. Rewards such as exclusive portraits and difficult-to-obtain shards and items will be available for purchase. Number of matches per day is unlimited in order to defeat the drawback of restricted gameplay.


Man, I couldnt have said it any better. No wonder you are a Community Star :smiley:

But I think unlimited matches per day would be too much. It has to be restricted somehow. Either a number of entries (like raids) or each hero having one life (PvP/gauntlet-like)

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Thanks :sweat_smile:

It could be controlled by having a currency cap, such that you can only receive up to 5,000 currency per day, however, are still able to play matches and rack up progress towards portrait milestones or help other friends/alliance members reach their currency cap.

Wouldnt a cap on resources with unlimited tries means that everyone could reach said cap regardless of their team strength, by simply repeating over and over?

Or when trying a second time, would you only get currency if you improved the best run you made on your first run?

Yes, that’s what it would mean, but what’s wrong with that? If you think about it, Gauntlet technically has a currency cap, being that by completing all 5 sectors you get a total of 1800 gauntlet currency per reset.

Only difference would be is that with survival mode you would still be able to play once you’ve reached it, eliminating the drawback of restricted gameplay.

By restricted gameplay, I mean that right now I’ve got 0 PvP lives, 0 Co-Op raids, 0 Daily Raids, 0 Gauntlet runs, and 0 Stamina remaining. I can’t play the game…

By being able to play unlimitedly, I could continue to rack up progress on milestones for portraits, which I believe they plan on implementing soon.

Well, Gauntlet has a currency cap, but you cant reach the cap if you cant clear sector 2.

Also, new update is supposed to add PvP duels without any restriction, so we should be able to play to our heart content

(Im not disagreeing with endless tries, Im just asking out of curiosity)

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